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Fez Developer Shows The Game Running On PS Vita

While no word about Fez 2 has come up since its abrupt cancellation this past summer, the original Fez is still making its more…

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Fez 2 Coming… Sometime In The Future

While E3 was packed to the brim at the LACC, the Horizon Indie Game Conference being held at Los Angeles’ Museum of more…

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Fez’s PC Port Release Date Announced

After the month long debacle last summer over Fez’s broken patch and public denunciation of Microsoft’s XBLA division, more…

Polytron and Microsoft Shift Blame Over Broken Fez Patch

In a caustic statement released by by Polytron’s Phil Fish, the developer says that the saved game destroying patch more…

Microsoft Pulls Fez Patch Over Corrupted Save Files

On Friday, we mentioned that the patch for the XBLA title Fez, while fixing frame-rate issues, crashes, and removing some more…

PSA: Fez Receives Update, Corrupts Saves

One of this year’s most talked about XBLA game—Fez—has received a long awaited updated from developer Polytron. Amongst more…

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“It’s-a You!”: First Person Mario

We are standing at one of the most interesting transitional phases of video game history. Designers who didn’t have access more…

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Fez Programmer Wants to Move on to Bigger and Better Things

Renaud Bédard, who programmed the long-awaited and recently released XBLA title Fez, has stated that it is unlikely that he more…

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New Video Game Releases – April 10 – April 16

  Yaaaaaaawn. At least, that’s what I’m saying after a long weekend at PAX East. Thankfully, I’ll have time to more…

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GDC09: New Fez Trailer Shows Why Rotation Is So Awesome

There’s always more than one side to an image, Super Paper Mario showed us that. That was just step one, however. Polytron’s more…