Hey Gamers, You Are All Rapists… According to FOX “News”

In a surprisingly fair and balanced article, the accurate and reliable news services of FOX in America (hey, if they can lie, more…

long term damage
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Public Health Message Shows Us The Truth About Life

You’ve seen the Video Game Cliches We All Wish Were Real, but how many of you knew that on game has made it a reality? This more…

star fox
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This is a Super Subtle Star Fox Shirt

Joseph Baum has designed a wonderfully subtle Star Fox T-Shirt- and guess what? It’s for sale. As you can see, the shirt more…

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FOX’s ‘Lie to Me’ Features PS3 Controller Operated Virtual Reality Prototype

One of the latest episodes of FOX’s “Lie to Me” features an extremely comical (and totally inaccurate) representation of video more…

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Sixty Second Teaser Trailer Promotes Red Dead Redemption Animated Short

Hey remember that Red Dead Redemption Animated Short we mentioned the other day? You know, the one made from in-game assets more…

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Red Dead Redemption In-Game Animated Short Airs This Saturday on FOX

Jack Bauer and the cast of 24 may have said goodbye to the FOX viewing faithful Monday night, but Jack isn’t the only fictional more…

Fox’s ‘Mental’ Tackles Video Games

Mental, a new show on the Fox network, is about a physciatrist who uses unorthodox techniques to deal with his patients. more…

Halo Live Action Short - Discovery Channel
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Halo 3 Film? Neill Blomkamp’s Latest Halo 3 Live Action Short & Interview

Still from latest Halo live action short. Watch it after the jump. In 2005, Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox more…