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Fan Made Skyrim Trailer Gives Bethesda a Run For Their Money

Last week we posted a video of of a beautiful bard singing Skyrim’s “The Dragonborn Comes” in real life. Well, now someone more…

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The Darkness II Has Co-Op and It’s Awesome (Hands On)

Guess what?  They’re co-op modes in The Darkness II.  Guess what else?  I’ve played them and they’re fun as hell. Let’s more…

Bioshock Screen
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This New BioShock Infinite Image Is Part of The New VGA Trailer

If there’s one thing we all want more of, it’s Bioshock Infinite gameplay. In fact, the E3 gameplay was so absolutely more…

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Serious Sam 3 Has Serious Blood and Color Options

While I sit here and work away tirelessly on the RipTen Review of Serious Sam 3, there are things you should know. Things more…

Skyrim Lyrics
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The Skyrim Gameplay Trailer With Lyrics Is Hilarious

Have you ever wondered what all that singing was about in the original Skyrim gameplay trailer?  Of course not.  You were more…

Gulf of Oman
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Battlefield 3 ‘Gulf of Oman’ Gameplay Trailer Calls in New Vehicles

Are you ready to head Back to Karkand?  I sure as hell am. In this latest gameplay trailer from EA and DICE, the team more…

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Serious Sam 3 Lauches Today, Bad Ass Trailer Launches Now

Serious Sam 3 has finally come to save the PC gaming world from Duke Pukem and Call of DooDoo. Shut up, you’re more…

spec ops
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2K Finally Drops Trailer for Spec Ops: The Line, Promises Shock and Awesome

Not long ago we learned that Spec Ops: The Line was, in fact, not dead. 2K originally said that the game was coming in more…

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Robin Hood and William Tell Have Nothing on These Skyrim Archers

As someone who always plays The Elder Scrolls games as a proud Bosmer Ranger, I appreciate good bits of more…

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Rockstar Shows Off Their New Tech With Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 keeps looking better and better. Rockstar’s latest video shows us why and how. The debut video in the Design more…

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New Serious Sam 3 Blood and Gore Trailer Contains Blood and Gore!

In case the title of this article wasn’t a good enough indication, here is a bloody, gory trailer for Serious Sam more…

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Serious Sam 3 Is So F**king Old School It Hurts (Hands On)

Whoever said, “they don’t make ’em like they used to” was right about nine times out of ten.  That tenth time was reserved more…

Wake Island
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Check Out The Battlefield 3 “Back To Karkand” Expansion Pack Trailer

This December, some of your favorite maps from Battlefield 2 are coming to Battlefield 3 with the power of DICE’s Frostbite 2 more…

Devil May Cry
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Watch The Devil May Cry HD Collection… In HD!

Dante’s back and he’s not spouting any black emo hairdos this time. The Devil May Cry HD Collection was just recently more…

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Serious Sam 3 Has Some Serious Weapons (Video)

Serious Sam 3 has some serious weapons.  Seriously.  Don’t believe me?  Then watch this trailer.  Seriously, watch more…