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Chris Taylors’ Kings and Castles on Indefinite Hold Pending Success of AoE: Online

For those of you RTS fans out there (me included), the announcement a while back of Kings and Castles being put on hold was more…

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Chris Taylor’s Kings and Castles Placed ‘on hold’ Says Developers CEO

Originally announced a year ago, Kings and Castles was an RTS game I was extremely excited about – however myself and others more…

Fire, do do doo
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Demigod demo coming soon

In an article explaining the issues around Demigod and the recent fixes, as well as some workarounds for connectivity issues, more…

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GPG Drops Hints On New Game & Sets Date For Supreme Commander 360

Gas Powered Games is set to release Supreme Commander on Xbox 360 sometime next year, according to Chris Taylor, CEO of the more…