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AMD teases Radeon HD 7990 at GDC 2013

Some welcome news for AMD fans that are suffering from GTX Titan envy, as AMD has teased the actual existence of a Radeon HD more…

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Unreal 4 and Frostbite 3 Engines Leave the Wii U Out in the Cold

Even though the Wii U is technically the next generation console for Nintendo, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that it’s more…

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Metal Gear Solid V Coming To PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Have you seen the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer yet? It’s an impressive looking video, make no mistake. At more…

Visual Proof That Hideo Kojima is Behind The Phantom Pain Shenanigans

The latest tweet from Hideo Kojima’s Japanese Twitter account all but confirms his involvement with the The Phantom more…

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FOX Engine Generated Joakim Mogren Would Crush Quantic Dream’s PS4 Tech Demo

In two recent extended Twitter comments by the head of Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima, the mind behind the Metal Gear Solid more…

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How Metal Gear Solid V, Phantom Pain, Moby Dick Studios, & Joakim Mogren Fit Together

If you were scouring the web searching for Metal Gears Solid 5 information and you stumbled onto a few pages talking about more…

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We’ve Got 25 Free GDC Online Expo Passes for You

Have you been thinking about going to GDC Online 2012 in Austin, Texas, but just don’t want to have the money for a pass? more…

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Important Changes Coming To IGF 2013

A letter released by IGF chairman Brandon Boyer outlined some the new policies being implemented for this year’s festival. more…

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Epic: “Unreal is the Engine of Success.” Anything Less (for the price) Would Be Uncivilized

Epic Games sure does like to tout the success of Unreal Engine 3. At a recent press demo attended by RipTen during GDC, more…

Action, MMO, PC
New ‘TERA’ Footage Showcases End-Game Content; New e-Book Series Launches

Fresh from their appearance at GDC 2012, En Masse Entertainment has today released a new video first shown at the conference more…

Heavy Dimension 1
First Person, News, Puzzle
New ‘Quantum Conundrum’ Screenshots Released

Square Enix released screen shots for it’s upcoming first person physics-puzzle title, Quantum Conundrum at GDC last week in more…

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GDC Awards Best of 2011 at Game Developers Choice Awards

The gaming industry recently held their 12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards during the Game Developers Conference in more…

First Person Shooter, MMO, PlayStation 3
‘DUST 514’ to Enter Beta in April – New Video Released at GDC

CCP recently announced that their upcoming MMOFPS DUST 514 would be released free-to-play to PlayStation 3 users, and last more…

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EA Announces a SimCity Reboot

I’m a little too young to have played the original SimCity, mostly because it was made four years before I was even more…

lollipop chainsaw
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‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ Coming June 12

Lollipop Chainsaw, the cheerleading-slash-zombie-killing game from Grasshopper Interactive, will release on June 12 in North more…