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Get Gears of War 3 for $15, More Multiplayer For Your Money

If you’re a multiplaying gamer who hasn’t played a lick of Gears of War yet (like our good buddy Dave) and you find yourself more…

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Will The Next Gears Of War Be A Prequel? Find Out Next Week At E3 2012

You just can’t keep a best-selling franchise down. The Gears of War series by Epic Games has been the more…

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Epic Games Working on Possible Fix for Gears 3 Warzone/Execution Merger, More Dedicated Servers for All?

What happens when one thirty-something man puts the final “honey can you hang this up for me” nail in the wall of their newly more…

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Last Minute Video Game Deals: 40% Trade-In Boost, Plus Buy Two Get One Free PS Vita Titles

This week’s edition of Video Game Deals of the Week features a combination of last minute Amazon and Best Buy promotions you more…

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Final Gears of War 3 DLC ‘Forces of Nature’ Announced for March, Detailed

Epic has announced the latest, and supposedly last, DLC for Gears of War 3 called the Forces of Nature map pack. The pack more…

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Play Gears of War 3 with Cliff Bleszinski and His Fiancé This Valentine’s Day

Nothing says I love you like a bayonet lancer to the heart. So, if you and your significant other share a passion for gore more…

Gears of War 3 Toy Line Debut in New York, Set to Hit Stores in August

So you’re sitting on the couch with your buddies playing Gears of War and drinking beers.  Somebody rips apart a Locust more…

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New Video Game Releases: Jan. 16 – Jan. 22

The desolate winter season of new releases continues with such a sparse release week that if I were to not include DLC, would more…

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Buyer’s Remorse: The Problem With Online Passes

You go to Gamestop. You buy your copy of Battlefield 3 and get ready for some long hours of multiplayer madness. All the more…

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TorrentFreak Ends 2011 With Its Top 10 Most Pirated Games

Just as RipTen has decided to end 2011 with its End of the Year Awards, TorrentFreak has decided round up 2011 with the year’s more…

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The RipTen End of the Year Awards (2011)

You should have acted.  They’re already here.  The gaming world told of their return.  E3 was merely a delay…  ’til the more…

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The Fenix Rises in New Gears 3 DLC Next Month

Just a few days ago, Epic put out the Raam’s Shadow DLC for Gears of War 3. But they aren’t done yet.  Next month, you can more…

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Blockbuster Extends Rental Promotion to Gamers for the Holidays

It seems like everyone is capitalizing on holiday deals today. Blockbuster is offering a new promotion, in time for more…

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Gears of War 3 Title Update 2 Drops – What it Fixed

Epic Games has delivered the second major title update for Gears of War 3 in as many months. While some gamers have more…

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Free Gears of War 3 Versus Booster Map Pack DLC Drops November 25

Epic Games has announced a free piece of  Gears of War 3 DLC called the Versus Booster Map Pack which should be available on more…