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Low-Poly Mass Effect Characters are the Cutest Damn Things Ever

Saving the galaxy never looked so adorable, thanks to Deviant Art user Pyroxene. The artist carefully crafted a series of 3D more…

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Geeked Out: Mapstalgia

This week’s Geeked Out is a little bit different. Rather than having a tangible object of mass geekery, we’ve decided to more…

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Geeked Out: The Kid Munny

When Denise Kuan isn’t doing badass cosplay, she’s out trying her hand at the other arts. And by “trying out”, I mean she’s more…

Geeked Out: Bioshock Beer

Need a cold one after a long day of giving your very best to Rapture and Andrew Ryan?  Pop open a bottle of Brow Sweat Brew more…

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Geeked Out: World of Warcraft Foam Doomhammer Replica

Have you ever wanted to beat the bananas out of someone without putting them in the hospital? Pardon, let me rephrase that, more…

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Geeked Out: You Know You Want This Edible and Playable Angry Birds Cake

Electricpig’s Mike Cooper decided that he wanted his son, Ben, to have the most memorable birthday present and cake that a more…

Geeked Out: Bored in Math Class? Play Skyrim on Your TI-84

One of the only classroom acceptable ways of breaking the humdrum of high school math classes was gaming on the more…

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Geeked Out: World’s Largest NES Controller Brings New Meaning To Co-op

This piece of retro gaming hardware is not only super cool looking, it’s fully functional too! The super-sized more…

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Geeked-Out: Tecmo Bowl Tebow Time Shirt Delivers 8-Bit Tebowing To Your Chest

Even if you weren’t around in the 80s, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the phenomenon that was Tecmo Bowl. Combine that with the more…

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Geeked Out: LEGO StarCraft II Hyperion Battlecruiser

Are you big into StarCraft 2? I’m talking about tedious LEGO upon LEGO stacking big? Well, even if you aren’t, you can still more…

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Geeked Out: Skyrim Kinect! Your Dreams are Now Reality

Somebody give KinectFAAST a trophy, because he just made all my Skyrim dreams come true. Except for the whole Kinect part, more…

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Geeked Out: Read Every Skyrim Book on Your iPad or Kindle!

Are you a bibliophile? Does the endless supply of tomes in Skyrim call to you long after the computer’s gone to sleep and the more…

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Geeked Out – Man Trades Engagement Ring For Master Chief Armor

This week’s Geeked Out is a little bit unconventional. It’s not about a cool videogame-related gadget or jewelry that more…

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Geeked Out: The Skyrim Guitar

I was asked to scour the internet for some interesting Skyrim items given the impending release of the next game in one of my more…

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Geeked Out: The Minecraft Pickaxe of Destiny

My fake statistics lead me to believe that 125% of the world plays Minecraft and therefore, it is virtually impossible for more…