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Are These The First Screenshots of GTA V? No, They’re Not.

Yesterday, you may have seen some apparently, “leaked” images of Grand Theft Auto V. Well, upon closer inspection, many more…

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RipTen Asks: If You Could Be Any GTA Character, Who Would You Be?

It’s time for RipTen Asks, a gathering for the video game enthusiasts who have opinions about things. Video game-related more…

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Is a GTA V Announcement Coming Later This Summer?

Its been a little over three years since GTA IV debuted on consoles then later on PC. With GTA IV being the highest rated more…

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San Andreas Recreated With GTA IV Tech

Ever wondered what roaming the vast landscapes of Los Santos, San Fierro or even Las Venturas would feel like in GTA IV’s more…

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If The World Ended Tomorrow, What Video Game Would You Play?

As we all wait for the world to end tomorrow (according a handful of nutjobs) we’ve been doing some thinking around the more…

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Feature Length Film Created With GTA IV

GTAIV Machinima is quite a common commodity on the internet, and rightfully so. The game has an astounding video editor built more…

Steam day 11
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Steam Winter Sale Day 11 – Oblivion, Left for Dead 2, GTA IV – 50-75% Off

Another cold winter’s day – another day of deals from Steam.  What looks random today?  How about Left for Dead 2 for 66% more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Grand Theft Auto IV

Welcome to the first installment of Ripten’s Five O’Clock Fan Art! Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for wrapping up the more…

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GTA IV: Gay Tony on Xbox LIVE Now

Grand Theft Auto IV’s second downloadable episode, titled “The Ballad of Gay Tony”, is available on Xbox LIVE marketplace more…

Rumor: No GTA IV DLC Until “January or February” 2009

Rumors sprouted earlier this week than GTA IV’s 360-exclusive downloadable content would be ready for release this November, more…

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Niko Bellic May Not Play Role in GTA IV DLC

At ComicCon ’08 GameTrailers had the opportunity to catch up with the voice behind Niko Bellic, Michael Hollick. Geoff more…

When can I stop posting pictures of Jack Thompson?
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Jack Thompson: Anti-Videogame Advocate and Clairvoyant Threatens Take 2

Thailand just got an ally in its war on Grand Theft Auto: Jack Thompson. A caricature of thriving in the face of more…

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Conservative Commentator Stomps GTA IV

Conservative Michael Medved, best known for his movie reviews and appearances on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, launched more…

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Famous Movie Scenes Remade Using GTA4

Remember the end of Reservoir Dogs when everyone is suspicious of the next guy and they all shoot each other?  Remember the more…

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Tech Support Slip Confirms GTA IV For PC

This story seems highly unlikely but worth knowing nonetheless. Two jokers emailed Rockstar technical support to tell them more…