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New Xbox 360 Cake Comes Standard With Game and Controller

In another round of totally geeked-out food products, we’ve recently stumbled across this Xbox 360 cake. Of course, there’s more…

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Guitar Hero III Gets New Coldplay DLC

As if that Apple commercial isn’t already burned deeply into your psyche, GH3 has even more Coldplay coming your way on June more…

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Motörhead Songs Available for Guitar Hero III

If you need something to tide you over before the June 29 release of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, this might be the ticket. more…

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Guitar Controller Compatible with Guitar Hero and Rock Band

Annoyed that you have to buy two guitar controllers to play Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band? Frustrated because the Guitar Hero more…

GH World Tour
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Guitar Hero World Tour Officially Revealed

After weeks of information slowly leaking out about Activision’s answer to Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour has now been more…

Blizzard Announces New World of Warcraft Hero Class: The Bard

When I read this headline yesterday, I came very close to needing to change my pants. Thankfully, I realized the error of the more…

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IGF: Fret Nice And With Lasers!

Who’s the real Guitar Hero? The living room rock star, or the delightfully androgynous protagonist of Fret Nice, who takes to more…

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Edition Announced – Free GH3 DLC Coming Soon

After being leaked by guitarist Joe Perry quite some time ago, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith has now been officially announced. more…

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Tetris + Guitar Hero + Wipeout = AudioSurf

AudioSurf takes the lessons of three classic games (I’m sure it’s safe to say Guitar Hero is a classic game formula now) and more…

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Activision Wins in Preliminary Hearing over Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80’s

It appears The Romantics’ request to have their song “What I like About You” removed from Guitar Hero: Rocks the more…

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US & Euro Playstation Store Updates: Snakeball Free? *Update*

We have the full European Playstation Store Update here at Ripten and Sony seem to have gone Christmas crazy again. The Warhawk more…