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Iwata: Not All Wii U Games Have to be in HD

Speaking to investors, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata has said that not all Wii U games have to be in full HD. When more…

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The Jak and Daxter Collection Set to Release Early February

Since the release of the God of War Collection back in 2009, Sony has been releasing their old PS2 titles on the PS3. Last more…

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RipTen Review: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (PSN)

I’ve never had any experience with the Oddworld series before Stranger’s Wrath except for a scant few minutes with more…

Skyim Death of Lydia
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 150 “Ultra” Quality Screens To Die For

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, if my previous musings about Skyrim were roughly 7000 more…

Devil May Cry
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Watch The Devil May Cry HD Collection… In HD!

Dante’s back and he’s not spouting any black emo hairdos this time. The Devil May Cry HD Collection was just recently more…

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Watch This Awesome Gunslinger Spin His Revolvers Like Ocelot

Anyone who’s familiar with the Metal Gear Solid series knows Revolver Ocelot.  That cocky bastard sure does love his six more…

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New GoldenEye Reloaded Trailer Shows off Improved Combat

This just in from MI:6 agent, a new trailer for the highly improved version of last years critically acclaimed GoldenEye more…

Dante is sexy
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Devil May Cry HD Collection Confirmed by Capcom

The long rumored Devil May Cry HD Collection is officially official. Today, Capcom has announced that Dante’s original more…

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Leisure Suit Larry HD Remakes Are Coming!

^ Play while reading for maximum effect. In today’s edition of, “News You Didn’t See Coming” Leisure Suit Larry is coming more…

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RipTen Review: Resident Evil 4 HD (Xbox 360)

When Resident Evil 4 hit shelves in 2005, it instantly redefined third person shooting. Modern shooters have no doubt been more…

All I can say is, WOW.
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RipTen Review: Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Mac)

Galaxy on Fire 2 was originally released for the iPhone in 2010, and it met with great success. A hardcore space sim on iOS more…

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Konami Drops More Details on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Snake…? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAKE… …is getting a HD facelift.  As you already know, Konami intends on bringing old more…

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Max Payne Coming to Mobile

The guys over at Rockstar are known for their groundbreaking new titles. Recently, they’re known for such games as LA more…

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RipTen Review: Splinter Cell HD Collection (PS3)

My feelings for HD video game “remakes” (really a term that has to be used loosely in this context) run lukewarm. On one more…

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TGS 2011: Final Fantasy X HD Announced for Vita, PS3

At Sony’s 2011 Tokyo Game Show press Conference, Square Enix Executive Shinji Hashimoto announced that  Final Fantasy X HD more…