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New Video Game Releases – June 5 – June 11

With E3 this week, I’m surprised that there is anything being released at all. Everyone will be looking toward the future more…

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Namco Bandai Delays Inversion to Ensure Quality

Namco Bandai’s Inversion was originally announced to come out this February 7. That’s no longer the case. The publisher has more…

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Check Out Inversion’s Co-op Mode In Action

Namco has released a new co-op trailer from the gravity-defying shooter, Inversion. The game is set to deliver an intense more…

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Inversion – Where Manipulation and Gravity Collide (Hands On)

When Namco Bandai announced Inversion back in October of 2009, it was essentially a sleeper announcement that didn’t turn more…

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E3: 2011 – This Inversion Trailer Will Make Isaac Newton Turn In His Grave

Namco-Bandai’s latest 3rd-Person shooter looks like a solid mix of inFAMOUS, Prey and Dead Space. You play as Davis Russel, a more…