Death Darksiders
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Death Lives in Darksiders II (Trailer)

If there’s one thing that gets RipTen founder Chad Lakkis excited about video games besides Gears and Madden, it’s more…

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Get Ready to Fear the Reaper in Darksiders II

Last week, we here at RipTen reported that we may soon hear big news from GI about the Darksiders sequel.  Luckily, Game more…

I'm in your Wii, DeBlobbin' your casual gamez!
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Is Darksiders 2 Set For An E3 and Game Informer Media Blowout?

We still don’t know much about Darksiders 2, but it looks like we may soon. So far, all we know is that, it’s coming, it more…

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Darksiders 2 Stars New Character; Takes Place During First Game’s Events

During a keynote speech at the IGDA Leadership Forum, THQ’s Danny Bilson revealed the first details about Darksiders 2.  more…