Jordan Weisman and Harebrained Schemes Get to Work “Responding to Your Inspiration”

Shadowrun will return after Jordan Weisman’s Harebrained Schemes completed its Kickstarter campaign, raking in nearly $1.9 more…

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Obsidian Playing Matchmaker for Kickstarter Projects and Young Developers

Not every Kickstarter project has a Tim Schafer, Brian Fargo or Jordan Weisman behind the wheel. There are plenty of great more…

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Shadowrun Kickstarter hits $1 Million Mark

Kickstarter is turning out to be quite the blessing for many niche video game markets, allowing games to be created that more…

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Shadowrun Boasts a $400K First Day Via Kickstarter

  It seems Kickstarter is all the rage now a days, and the Shadowrun series will not be left out. Shadowrun Returns, which more…

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Shadowrun is Making a Kickstarter Return… NOT as an FPS

OK, Shadowrun fans, you can finally unclench. We know, that little FPS reboot thing might have had the Shadowrun name, but it more…