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Rare Says Controllers are Too Convoluted, Motion Controls Key to Reaching Technophobes

For a time now, a lot of what Rare has done has felt as though it echoes Nintendo, but with their own twist. Banjo-Kazooie more…

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Mike Hayes Says Expect New Original Kinect Title in 2012

During a recent CVG interview, Sega West President Mike Hayes discussed Segas approach to producing and creating titles for more…

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Milo Returns, Cleans Room, Kills Snails

Recently, Peter Molyneux’s pet boy Milo managed to cause more trouble than he can possibly be worth following a no-show at more…

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FOX’s ‘Lie to Me’ Features PS3 Controller Operated Virtual Reality Prototype

One of the latest episodes of FOX’s “Lie to Me” features an extremely comical (and totally inaccurate) representation of video more…

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Some Macy’s Stores to Feature Playable Kinect Stations Starting Next Week

Starting July 15, 13 Macy’s stores will be featuring Kinect demo stations, allowing users to try out Microsoft’s upcoming more…

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Microsoft Doubts the Importance of Rumble Feedback

Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has spoken out against rumble as rudimentary and laughable, going down a similar path trekked by more…

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Michael Jackson Game Named and Dated

At the end of Ubisoft’s E3 2010 Keynote, we were left with a surprise announcement of a Michael Jackson video game, but with more…

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Kinectimals to be Found in Burger King Kids Meals as Part of Playable Promotion

A couple of weeks ago, there were reports of Microsoft teaming with Burger King once again in order to promote Kinect. Could more…

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Analyst: Kinect Isn’t Microsoft’s Mass-Market Saviour

With Microsoft obviously aiming to attract a large casual market with their upcoming motion control breakthrough in the form more…

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Frontier Says Kinectimals Didn’t Eat Milo After All

A couple of days ago, here was a real clusterfracas involving the fate of Peter Molyneux’s pet boy, Milo. Was he coming? Was more…

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UK Retailer: Kinect Pre-Order Numbers “Very Low”

ShopTo, a popular UK online games retailer, has started taking pre-orders for Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360. However the more…

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Kinect to Track Gamer Happiness? Former Publisher Exec Talks Facial Scan Software

Three guys walk into a bar. The first sits down to order some food. The second sits down to order a drink. The third sits more…

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Microsoft: Milo Isn’t Coming, Even Though He Is, Except As a Tiger, Only He’s Not

Not only do the people at Microsoft and Lionhead Studios seem to be on different pages when it comes to Milo, but it appears more…

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Specs Declare Kinect To Have A Webcam Resolution with Two Active Players

Yikes. Reception towards Kinect hasn’t been necessarily positive amongst the gaming community, and now that the full specs more…

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Microsoft: Hardcore Gamers Will be Kinect’s Early Adopters

Despite the blatant focus on trying to steal the Wii’s market with Kinect, Microsoft have said that “hardcore gamers will be more…