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Why Microsoft “Won” E3 2010

Before I get into this, let me just say that in my mind, and as a gamer, Microsoft did not “win” E3. What they presented was more…

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E310: Lionhead’s Milo & Kate: Still Alive

There are few things worse to hear about in the news than a child’s death. Lionhead knows this, and despite rumors that they more…

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E310: Ubisoft Keynote Impressions

The Ubisoft Keynote started quick and with no delay to getting straight to the games, beginning with an Xbox 360 Kinect demo of more…

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E310: Xbox 360 Dashboard Reskinned For Kinect Compatability

Over it’s lifetime the Xbox 360 dashboard has changed more times than I’ve sworn. Well maybe not, but it does change a lot. more…

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E310: Child of Eden Uses Kinect

Child of Eden, from the creator of Rez and Lumines, can be played with Microsoft’s Kinect.  Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game’s more…

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E310: MadCatz Announces the First Kinect Accessories

In my experience, MadCatz gear always seems to break on me. Then again, that’s because I’d use them heavily, whether it’s more…

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E310: A Series of Unfortunate Press Events – the Microsoft Keynote Summary

I should point out that I really hate to be that guy. In any situation where somebody can be that guy, whether it’s that more…

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Star Wars Game for Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft has announced a Star Wars game coming for Microsoft Kinect. Can Kinect do what the Nintendo Wii couldn’t and more…

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E3: Dance Central Kinect Exclusive

Microsoft announces Dance Central, a dancing game that works with Kinect. With over 600 moves and 90 routines, it seems to be more…

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Microsoft Kinect Launches November 4th with 15 Titles

Microsoft has announced Kinect launching in North America on November 4th with 15 launch titles, so get those preorders ready more…

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E310: Microsoft Keynote Ripten Live Blog

The Ripten Live Blog of the E3 2010 Microsoft Keynote will begin at 10:30am PST/1:30pm EST, so head on over to our designated more…

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E310: Project Natal (KINECT) Experience Impressions

Yo, it’s Range here. Just got back to my crib in downtown LA, just a few miles from USC campus where the Project Natal more…

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Microsoft Announcing New Xbox 360 Slim at E310, Renaming Natal as Kinect

There are rumors of a slimmer Xbox every time Microsoft shows up at a conference, and we always get mockups or fake videos to more…