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Five O’Clock Fan Art: League of Legends

League of Legends is perfect if you love playing with cocky know-it-alls who belittle you over a videogame. Five O’Clock more…

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RipTen Review: Guardians of Middle-earth (XBLA)

Console gamers have it pretty good these days, as many franchises originally confined to the PC have started making their way more…

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Guardians of Middle-earth Release Date Announced

While the MOBA genre has not found as much success on consoles relative to the powerhouse that is League of Legends on PC, more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: League of Legends

I have a lot of memories of League of Legends and they all involve me getting really mad at people on the internet. Five more…

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Monolith Crafting Accessible Middle-Earth MOBA Experience to Meet (And Defy) Player Expectations

Evolution is a funny thing. It’s ironic that one of the original high fantasies is at the center of a huge leap forward, more…

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RipTen Review: Awesomenauts (XBLA)

“What the heck is a MOBA?” Ask that question to any League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients or Heroes of Newerth player more…

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Not So Awesome Legal Issues May Delay Awesomenauts Launch

The multiplayer online battle arena genre has largely remained on the PC, with console gamers forced to merely wonder how more…

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Spectator Mode Announced for League of Legends

If you’ve ever wanted to watch your friends duke it out in League of Legends, or perhaps observe the tactics of the game’s more…

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League of Legends – PAX Sivir and Riot Nasus Giveaway

As I sorted through the items I collected at PAX East, I found a stack of cards handed to me be a friendly representative more…

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Cosplay Spotlight: Crimson Akali (League of Legends)

As someone who was bitten by the League of Legends bug months ago, I should have known that my sudden fascination with the more…

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Hawken Team Raises $10M In Funding

Depending on how much time you spend looking at video gaming news, you may have already seen a little bit about Hawken more…

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Hey Rise of Immortals, a Little Innovation Please?

I’ve recently been achievement hunting on Steam, in an attempt to try and land some sweet Steam gifts. Still, since I’m a more…

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League of Legends Releases New Blood Lord Vladimir Trailer

League of Legends’ Crimson Reaper has undergone a revamp, with new voice over, spell effects, and animations added to the more…

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Microtransactions: An Improvement or Detriment to the Player’s Experience?

I’ve never purchased a cosmetic item, though my guildmates certainly have. As far as I’m concerned, if you want to spend more…

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League of Legends Unveils New Champion

Shooting the breeze at the local saloon just became a little more dangerous with the announcement from Riot that a new more…