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Hands on Mass Effect 3 Co-Op, Why it’s a Good Thing

When the world finally learned that the Mass Effect series was in fact getting multiplayer, just as many people were more…

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Casey Hudson Explains Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer In New Trailer

Now that the not so surprising news of Mass Effect 3 having multiplayer is out of the bag, Casey Hudson would like to explain more…

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The Top Ten Most Messed Up Mass Effect 2 Mods

Prep the Derp Drive, Joker, and set a course for epic lulz.  Things are about to get dumb. Days of YouTube lurking led me to more…

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Mass Effect MMO A Possibility, Say BioWare Founders

Despite Star Wars: The Old Republic occupying much of their current and future efforts, BioWare founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and more…

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New Mass Effect 3 Screens Straight From PAX

EA has released a brand new batch of screenshots from Bioware’s upcoming RPG, Mass Effect 3. These new screens mostly more…

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Component Confirmed

Mass Effect 3 has been rumored over and over again to feature multiplayer. Well, it seems as if it’s finally happening. more…

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Mass Effect 3 Will Allow You to “Tweak” Your Imported ME2 Character

Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson has confirmed via his Twitter feed that your imported character from Mass Effect 2 more…

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Bioware Has Plans For Mass Effect 3 Demo

Executive producer Casey Hudson of Bioware has hinted at a possible demo for Mass Effect 3. When a fan of the series asked more…

Aaron Alexander
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RipTen Draws Entries (Horribly) for BioWare’s Fan Art Showcase – And So Can You!

We like to think of ourselves as artistically-inclined individuals, prone to random bouts of creativity and visual genius. So more…

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Mass Effect Series, Men of War Pack On Sale Today Only

Steam’s week of EA sales continue today with Mass Effect, and Men of War is 66% off this weekend. As part of EA week, Mass more…

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Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until 2012

I can hear it now.  Steph Gutowski’s cries can be heard throughout the heavens.  Even the reapers are weeping.  Mass more…

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Mass Effect Anime – An Amazing Concept or Amazing Mistake?

Bioware and EA recently revealed that the Mass Effect franchise would be heading into anime territory with a movie release more…

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First Person Shooters – How They Make It “Personal”

I still remember my first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare kill. I booted up the campaign and was introduced to “Soap” more…

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Mass Effect Just Five Dollars on Impulse Today

The original Mass Effect has been marked down to just $4.99 on Stardock’s digital distribution service today. You can find more…

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Ripten Review: Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

For those of you PS3 owners who are completely new to the Mass Effect scene, you have some required reading ahead of you. more…