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Glitch Ruining Metroid: Other M For Some Players (Updated with Video)

A glitch involving a locked red door in Metroid: Other M is apparently ruining the game for many players. The glitch more…

Metriod Art Trifecta Up For Grabs

While the debate over videogames as art continues to rage, Joshua Cadmium has taken it upon himself to make art out of more…

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Metroid Prime Cosplay – Jenni Källberg Kicks Butt as Samus Aran

This has got to be the best Metriod Cosplay (a portmanteau of the English words “costume” and “play”) that I have more…

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King of the Game: Samus vs Master Chief (sneak peek #2)

Our artists are busy working on the King of the Game video game tournament and every once and a while we will give you a more…

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Metriod’s Samus (vs) Halo’s Master Chief (King Of The Game – Early Concept Art)

We are working away on bringing our readers the “King Of The Game” series but wanted to share some early sketches with you in the more…