Five O’Clock Fan Art: Samus Aran

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, morph into a ball and roll away. I wrote that song just for you, Oxboxer. Five O’Clock Fan more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Samus

Thank god it’s Friday, right Samus? I’m pretty sure I’ve posted one of Muju’s Mass Effect piece before. Five O’Clock more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Zero Suit Samus

It’s called Zero Suit, but I see at least one suit. Twilit-Arawen has a thing for the ladies.   Five O’Clock more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Metroid Snowglobe

I personally don’t care for snowglobes, but I would buy up this one in a second. Somebody help Fallout161 make this more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Samus

This is fantastic. That whole Frank Frazetta style is glorious and I want to see it applied to everything. Five O’Clock more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mario Mash-up

Look at this horrific monstrosity. Just look at it. Now enjoy your weekend. Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for wrapping more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Choose Your Hero

There are days where I wish we never left the 16-bit era. This is one of those days. Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for more…

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Wii U Event: NintendoLand is the Happiest Place in Your Living Room

One of the big surprises out of today’s Wii U event in New York is that NintendoLand is going to be a pack-in title… if you more…

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Nintendo Won’t Be Developing Call of Duty-Type Games, Iwata Confirms

  Nintendo has traditionally been known for their strong franchise titles, with the Super Maro Bros, Legend of Zelda more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Videogame Heroes

In order to maintain the balance after yesterday’s Videogame Villains fan art, here’s a wonderful piece featuring your more…

King Nintendo Fanboy Gravity Suit Samus
The King Nintendo Fanboy’s Collection Showcase: Gravity Suit Samus Figure

Over the years I’ve added many great items to my Nintendo collection.  Even though I’ve collected a large horde of more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Samurai Samus

Move over, Samurai Jack, there’s a new kid in town. That kid is a girl. I bet you feel emasculated now. Five O’Clock Fan more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Metroid

With all of this out-of-season heat we’ve been having in California, I would gladly travel to this chill-looking planet. I more…

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Should Older Games Be Tweaked for Today’s Audiences?

In the most recent Nintendo Download, Nintendo released the original NES Metroid to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Yep, more…

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Nintendo Download 3/1/2012

New digital content has been added to Nintendo’s digital shops! 3DS eShop Metroid (NES Virtual Console) ($4.99) Crush 3D more…