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New Battlefield:Bad Company Trailer Takes The Piss Out of Metal Gear Solid

If your anything like us, you have no doubt been stuffing your face will all the Solid Snake you can get. It looks like the more…

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Spoiler Alert: Bizarre New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer

Remember that Assassin’s Creed/ MGS4 April Fools mash-up? Well, this is nothing like that. Okay, the warning screen is more…

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MGO Resolution 665p Equivalent and 30fps

Pixel counters at the ready!  There’s been some debate over the final rendering resolution of Metal Gear Solid 4.  more…

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MGS4 Final Box Art Revealed, Limited Edition Hardware Coming to North America

In a mega-post today, Konami has revealed further details about the numerous Metal Gear Solid 4 software and hardware more…

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MGS4 Confirmed 50GB Blu-ray?

It was revealed last month that a Blu-ray disc wasn’t big enough to hold all languages for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4. more…

Kojima Working on a New Title

Hideo Kojima may be done with Metal Gear, but he’s not done with video games. Fumiaki Tanaka, president of Konami, revealed more…

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Sneak Out: MGS4 Deluge Continues

The wave of MGS4 info comes to a crest today as the official PlayStation Blog posts some clarifying details, Kojima more…

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Dengeki PlayStation Reveals New MGS4 & MGO Info?

Scans have surfaced via a Portuguese site that reveals the Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation running a story on Metal more…

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MGS4 PS3 Bundle Box Art – What Is & What Could Have Been…

Actual MGS4 PS3 bundle box art (what could have been shown below) After seeing the official box art revealed earlier more…

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No MGS4 Demo – PSW Fail

“We’ve got you now PSW!” Naughty PSW. This magazine got it all wrong. Ryan Payton informs us on the latest Kojima more…

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Metal Gear Solid 4 at Bug Testing Phase: No Further Delays

Snake is getting all prettied up for the big release! Yes we’ve gone a bit top heavy on the Metal Gear Solid 4 news, but it’s more…

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MGS4 Contains Metal Gear Online Starter Pack: DLC to Follow

From an interview at CES 2008, where Kojima’s Playstation 3 offering is being demoed to a lucky few, comes the confirmed news more…

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Over 70 Weapons in MGS4: New English Demo Footage

Kojima revealed at TGS that there would be over 70 weapons in Metal Gear Solid 4, and what’s more they would be customisable. more…