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Microsoft: E3 Not Big Enough Stage For Halo Announcment

In a recent interview, Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of Interactive Entertainment, Don Mattrick, responded to Bungie’s more…

It's small, but the power button on the WiiMote is the Xbox Guide. Yippee.
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Microsoft & Nintendo Peripheral Partnership? Reggie Says “We’ll See”

Introducing the Xbox Wii60 At about the three minute mark in the GameTrailers video interview (shown below) with Nintendo more…

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New 360 Dashboard Update is Entirely Optional

Major Nelson let loose on his latest podcast that the upcoming Dashboard update for the Xbox 360 will be entirely optional.  more…

Run, Alan, run!
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Alan Wake at 2008 Tokyo Games Show

Alan Wake, the upcoming action-thriller from Remedy Entertainment (developers behind Max Payne), was mysteriously missing at more…

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WoW Expansion to Implement Achievements

Oh boy… If World of WarCraft wasn’t already a massive drain on your free time, then Wrath of the Lich King will make things more…

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Bungie Blue Balls, Courtesy of Microsoft

Update on the previous Bungie cock-block snafu:  Microsoft, as the publishing giant apparently behind Bungie’s latest game, more…

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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Screenshots

During Monday’s Microsoft Press Conference, the company announced what they are calling the ‘New Xbox Experience.’ One more…

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Bungie Countdown Stopped By Microsoft

For those that may not know, Bungie has had a countdown going for about a little over a day now, but at exactly exactly more…

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Ripten TV: Top 5 Microsoft E308 Press Conference Crowd-Pleasers

I recap the Microsoft press conference, highlighting the top 5 crowd-pleasing moments. Click the jump for some first hand E3 more…

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Brand New Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, and Resident Evil 5 E308 Gameplay Video

Are your eyes securely fastened inside your head? Is your jaw prepared to be dropped? Are you wearing rubber underwear more…

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Reactions to the Microsoft Press Conference

My first reaction to the Microsoft conference was: Resident Evil 5: ZOMG DO WANT NAO! Second reaction: Clean pants: more…

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Portal Is Back: This Time Xbox Exclusive

Microsoft’s E3 Conference, which you can experience via our live blogging, has just revealed an exciting Xbox 360 title.  more…

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Ripten Real-Time: Microsoft Press Conference

It’s the first day of E3, and we’re about to head over to the Microsoft Press Conference. We’ll begin liveblogging from 10:30 more…

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Bungie Hints At July 14th E3 Announcment

The tail end of Bungie’s latest podcast contains an exchange of words between the two co-hosts, Brian Jarrard and Luke Smith, more…

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Microsoft Exec Says “Fantastic Suprises” Will Be Revealed At E3

I have often tried to obtain a comment from Microsoft regarding the many rumors that circle their company. The majority of more…