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Minecraft’s Newest Mob is the Creepiest Yet

Posting on his personal blog, Minecraft creator Notch (Markus Persson, to be formal) introduced the scariest mob creation more…

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Minecraft Milestone: Over Ten Million Registered Users Served

Minecraft designer Markus “Notch” Persson announced via Twitter today that Minecraft had officially reached the milestone of more…

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Zelda Adventure Is An Amazing Minecraft Mod

If you’re like me, it takes a massive update or a truly unique mod to get the Minecraft juices flowing again. Don’t get me more…

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Lulzsec Takes Down League of Legends, EvE and Minecraft – Promises more “Lulz”

When will it end?  Why must the hacking and ddosing continue?  All we want to do is play games!! Just moments ago it was more…

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Minecraft Coming to Xbox 360 With Kinect Support

The super-ultra-indie-megahit Minecraft will be hitting Xbox 360 according to the Xbox 360 keynote at E3. “I’m thrilled to more…

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Minecraft Going Portable on the Xperia Play

As RipTen reported back in February, Minecraft was set to go portable, however it was first expected on the iPad and more…

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Minecraft 1.6 Update Gets Confirmed Release Date

The latest Minecraft update is set to fix a number of bugs plus add some awesome new features (Including a functioning Nether more…

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Minecraft Is Getting More Detailed Grass!

Don’t even act like this isn’t big news.  Notch himself has shown us a picture of what the new and improved grass in more…

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The Best Minecraft Creation Your Eyes Will Ever See – ‘Ghibli World’

Now I’m no stranger to wonderful creations being made in Minecraft – I’ve smashed the walls of countless mountains with my more…

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Minecraft is Getting Wolves – Adorable, Deadly Wolves

Minecraft has stolen more hours from me than any other game this year. A quick peek into my private server world will reveal more…

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Minecraft Achievements Are a Possibility

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time with Minecraft, I don’t need to explain how rewarding the indie game can be. more…

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MineCraft Coming to iPhone and iPad This Year

Markus Persson, founder of Minecraft developer Mojang, has announced that iOS versions of the sleeper hit MineCraft will be more…

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That Haunting Dead Island Trailer – Recreated in Minecraft

It was only a matter of time.  Everything else has been remade with Minecraft, why not this? In case you’ve been living more…

Predator Remade in Minecraft

When something is awesome, it’s exactly that, just awesome. No matter what else you say or do that doesn’t change, and this more…

Minecraft Amnesia
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Minecraft: The Dark Descent Will Give You Amnesia

In today’s installment of, “Hey, look what somebody did with Minecraft!”  We have a coupe of videos of the first level of more…