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RipTen Review: Defiance (PC)

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a huge MMO fan. Although, one day I’d like to be. My issue with MMO’s are they never more…

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Family Friendly Marvel Super Hero Squad Racks Up Over 5 Million Users

After two years, Gazillion Entertainment’s family friendly free-to-play MMO game has managed to get over 5 million users more…

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Defiance Preview

I’m not a journalist. I have never professed to be, and I won’t ever begin to do so. However, through a difficult to more…

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We’re Giving Away 200 Defiance PC Beta Codes Right Now, So Get Yours!

Hooray! Free stuff! We’ve got a give away for you in the form of 200 keys to the PC beta for Defiance, a Sci-Fi themed MMO more…

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MM-Ho-Ho-Ho: World of Warcraft for the Holidays

If you didn’t get your hands on the Black Friday deals Blizzard offered for their World of Warcraft MMO, you can still get more…

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New EVE: DUST 514 Weapons Dev Diary Video

Do you like EVE? Do you like weapons? Lot’s of weapons? Heavy weapons, light weapons, side-arms? If you answered yes, yes, more…

SWTOR Goes Free To Play Mid-November

Having not yet passed an year since its release date, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is going free-to-play on November more…

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Final Fantasy XIV Closes As A Realm Reborn Prepares To Rise

Hey! Is anyone out there? Is there anyone still playing Final Fantasy XIV?! If you are, I’ve got a little bit of news for you. more…

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RipTen Review: Guild Wars 2 (PC)

Before reading this final analysis, be sure to check out our earlier looks at Guild Wars 2 here and here. The MMO more…

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RipTen Review: The Secret World [Part 4: Final Verdict]

Before diving into our final analysis of  The Secret World, be sure to read our in-progress review impressions here, here more…

The hover ability makes navigating rocky terrain a breeze.
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PAX Prime 2012: Get Fired Up for Firefall’s Mountains of Content

Even in a beta, constant and major changes can signal issues with a game’s development.  And while MMO Shooter Firefall more…

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Exposing the Secrets of The Secret World [Part 2: The Game’s Community]

As I continue to make my way through The Secret World, I find that I’m beginning to get a very bad feeling – one that has more…

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets a Free-To-Play Option This Fall

Not too long ago, there was a rumour circulating about the possibility of Star Wars: The Old Republic adopting a free-to-play more…

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RaiderZ May be Free-to-Play, but it Will Never be Pay-to-Win, says Producer Rüdiger Moersch

“Why should you be interested in RaiderZ? To make it short, RaiderZ is awesome!” Rüdiger Moersch, the game’s producer, more…

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Runescape Celebrates Major Milestone, Over 200,000,000 Gamers Served

In the hallowed pages of the Guinness Book of World Records reside some pretty amazing accomplishments. No, I’m not talking more…