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EA Confirms KotOR MMO, Plans to Take Over the World

CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello confirmed at E3 that BioWare, in collaboration with LucasArts, is in fact working on more…

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Blizzard’s Mystery Game is the StarCraft MMO

It’s official! Okay, no, it’s not. Blizzard has been teasing the gaming world with its evolving homepage ice picture, and more…

Burninating your countryside
Dragon Turtles, Froglok, & More. New Expansion Pack: Everquest’s Legends of Norrath

This picture has very little to do with the article. Sorry. Oathbreaker is the forth expansion pack, or set, to be added to more…

This is apparently not an encounter most people would enjoy.
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The Hypocrisy Surrounding Bewbs

This is apparently not an encounter most people would enjoy. There has been a lot of hubbub recently concerning the depiction more…

AoC Mammoth
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Plans for Massive Age of Conan Evolution Revealed

June will see the beginning of some new improvements to the fast-selling Age of Conan. Further additions to Funcom’s game more…

I'll Agent you if you're not carefull
New MMO “The Agency” Will Not Have Microtransactions. Hurray!

The new MMO coming out of Sony Online Entertainment will not have a microtransaction system built in, it has been confirmed more…

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1st Anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online – Turbine/Codemasters Launch New Content

Smoke em’ if you got em’ (pipe-weed that is) — Turbine and Codemasters Online are celebrating the one year anniversary of more…

No, you don't have anything better to do for the next year of your life.
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PC Preview: Jumpgate Evolution

In a world seemingly overrun with MMOs, Jumpgate Evolution is going to have a tough time carving its place among the big more…

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Former MLB Hall of Fame Shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. Promotes Baseball MMO

Former MLB Hall of Fame shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr. is off the bench and promoting Real Baseball, a Massive Multiplayer Online more…

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Champions Online Trailer – Marvel MMO’s Replacement From Cryptic Studios

Most of us have heard by now that the much-anticipated Marvel Universe Online game for the PC and Xbox 360 has been canceled. more…

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New Indie MMO Game, SAGA, Now Playable

Indie developer Silverlode Interactive accosted me outside the press room at GDC to show me their new MMORTS (Massively more…

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Get Your Freak On in Abandon Interactive’s New MMO — Freaky Creatures

The world’s first Massively Multiplayer Online Collectible Trading Card Action Figure Comic Book Game (or MMO-NERD) is set to more…

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Bye Bye World of Warcraft, Hello Kitty

Ever wanted to have a social experience with other Hello Kitty lovers without leaving your house? What about making a guild? more…

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Thousands Quest for Flavor in Mountain Dew’s New MMO

In yet another attempt to bring together the worlds of Mountain Dew and videogames, PepsiCo created the DEWmocracy. This more…

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Anarchy Online Still Free For 2008

Fans who love to play Funcom’s futuristic MMO Anarchy Online but don’t want to pay for it will be glad to hear that the more…