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Infinite Crisis MOBA Announced

The MOBA genre has been rising in popularity quite quickly over the last couple of years. Games like League of more…

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RipTen Review: Guardians of Middle-earth (XBLA)

Console gamers have it pretty good these days, as many franchises originally confined to the PC have started making their way more…

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Become a Master and Guardian of Middle-earth

While out of the pop culture eye of Sauron for a few years now, The Lord of Rings is looking to make a comeback this holiday more…

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Learn The Lay Of The Land In Guardians Of Middle Earth

The creators of the upcoming MOBA (or Lord Management) game, Guardians of Middle-Earth, have been releasing a series of short more…

Learn How to Play MOBAs Thanks to Guardians of Middle-Earth

Guardians of Middle-Earth is on track to be the first true MOBA experience on consoles, and WB Interactive and Monolith want more…

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Guardians of Middle-earth Release Date Announced

While the MOBA genre has not found as much success on consoles relative to the powerhouse that is League of Legends on PC, more…

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PAX Prime 2012: The Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth Delivers Smart MOBA Gameplay on Consoles

Though the MOBA genre has primarily remained on PCs under the control of keyboard and mouse, Monolith Studios is looking to more…

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Know Your Role With These New Guardians of Middle-Earth Characters

Some more characters are popping up for the Monolith developed MOBA, Guardians of Middle-Earth. First up are two of the more…

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Awesomenauts Coming To PC Within the Month, Mac Later

Gaming seems to be in the midst of a MOBA pandemic. With the release of DOTA 2 on the horizon and recent reports that League more…

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Monolith Crafting Accessible Middle-Earth MOBA Experience to Meet (And Defy) Player Expectations

Evolution is a funny thing. It’s ironic that one of the original high fantasies is at the center of a huge leap forward, more…

Guardians of Middle-Earth: LotR MOBA Game Being Developed By Monolith

LOTR MOBA on XBLA, PSN. Depending on where your interests lie, this is either a baffling arrangement of letters, or something more…

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RipTen Review: Awesomenauts (XBLA)

“What the heck is a MOBA?” Ask that question to any League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients or Heroes of Newerth player more…

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Not So Awesome Legal Issues May Delay Awesomenauts Launch

The multiplayer online battle arena genre has largely remained on the PC, with console gamers forced to merely wonder how more…

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Hey Rise of Immortals, a Little Innovation Please?

I’ve recently been achievement hunting on Steam, in an attempt to try and land some sweet Steam gifts. Still, since I’m a more…