Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mileena

Mileena is a sexy beast. Literally. Fear-sAs may or may not be a sexy beast. Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for more…

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Calling All Fighters: East Coast Throwdown Starts May 18th in New Jersey!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of fighting games in the beautiful pre-summer air. From May 18th to 19th, East Coast more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sub Zero

Is it cold in here, or is it just him? Flavioluccisano has a whole gallery of unbelievable Mortal Kombat fan art. Five more…

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Meet the Minds at NetherRealm Behind Injustice: Gods Among Us

If you’ve been following our coverage of Injustice: Gods Among Us, you know we were delighted to play it at E3, and even more…

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Gets Tentative Release Window

Get ready for an epic DC Superhero throwdown, as Warner Bros. Interactive has allowed a not-quite-specific release date for more…

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Killer Instinct Trademark Plucked From Obscurity By Microsoft

If you spent any time in arcades during the mid-1990’s, the chances are good that you crossed paths with Killer Instinct. In more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mario Kombat

I know this is just a one-off picture for a t-shirt, but I’m secretly hoping the artist follows it up with a series of more…

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mortal Kombat Megazord

Is there anything that can’t be improved by a giant robot made of smaller robots? I didn’t think so. Five O’Clock Fan more…

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Hide the Family Jewels – Catwoman Joining Injustice: Gods Among Us Cast

When we previewed Injustice: Gods Among Us at E3, we walked away mouths agape. In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been more…

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Michael Fassbender Dons The Robes as Actor and Producer in the New Assassin’s Creed Movie

With any successful video game franchise, a movie adaptation is always a lingering possibility. While it has worked more…

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EVO 2012 Starts Today! Stream Schedule and Links to Watch Are Here!

Can you feel it? The beginning of EVO 2012 starts today! I’m always incredibly excited for the yearly fighting game more…

Basing your entire strategy around one horrible idea is, well,  a horrible idea.
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RipTen Dojo: Overcoming the Plateau

Plateau. Few words are more frightening to a person in pursuit of a goal, and given that this is a series about improving at more…

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Evolution 2012 Offering Over $100,000 in Prize Money

The fighting game community doesn’t cease to amaze me. It was just recently announced on Shoryuken that this years Evolution more…

Australia Gets an R18+ Rating For Video Games

To any Australian readers, I tip my hat to you. Hopefully this will allow you to get your hands on some of the more ‘hardcore’ more…

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RipTen Dojo: What Makes for a Good Crossover Fighting Game?

In last week’s installment of RipTen Dojo I talked about why a lot of crossover games imagined by fans are generally better more…