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Pink Floyd would consider a music game based on the band

Despite drummer Nick Mason’s comments that “It irritates having watched kids do it – if they spent as much time practising more…

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New Trailer & Tracks From The Beatles: Rock Band

September 9th is approaching quickly, and my rush to gather $250 for The Beatles: Rock Band is becoming a lot more difficult, more…

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Scoop of The Century: Band Hero Exists, Has A Really Strange Logo

While some might not consider this an actual story worth reporting, others might consider it the scoop of the century. Of more…

No no no, this is too small. This will not do.
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Virt’s Chiptune Cover of “Katamari On The Rock” Makes Me Feel All Tingly Inside

Video game music is something we don’t cover enough here on Ripten, and it’d probably be best to remedy that- starting with more…

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DJ Hero to Ruin Your Favorite Songs, Extend the Three-Button Scheme

Look, this isn’t a music blog. I have no intentions of telling you what music is good and what music is bad, but there are more…

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Guitar Hero 5 Partial Setlist & Modes Announced

Another day, another Guitar Hero story, but this one is sure to have some of the franchise’s fans excited. USA Today more…

Rawr, Dawn of War.
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Dawn of War II soundtrack available for free

Steam news is reporting that the official Dawn of War II soundtrack is available to download. Simply go here, scroll down, more…

His hand is so small, it actually goes under the buttons.
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Guitar Hero: Metallica finally confirmed

Guitar Hero: Metallica has finally been confirmed, after a series of rumours about the game. The game allows players to play more…

Optimus Ipod
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Optimus Prime iPod Dock, Transform and Pop N’ Lock Out!

I’m checking out Famitsu this morning and what do I see but an interesting slightly non gaming news article about EXILE and more…

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STOP THE PRESSES! Prince of Persia Music Will Have Heavy Eastern Influence

Prince of Persia games have a history of being an all-around awesome gaming experience (unless you happen to be playing on more…

LittleBigResistance: Delay of Sackboy
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Sony LBP Delay Not Favoritism, Just Business

LittleBigResistance: Delay of Sackboy The recent controversy surrounding Sony’s decision to delay the release of more…

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FaceBreaker Soundtrack Released – Music To Pummel By

Dave Chappelle once said, “Nobody likes getting their ass beat to a soundtrack.” Dave never played FaceBreaker. EA’s more…

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PAL PS3 Owners To Get Free Downloadable Music Videos With VidZone

We all know the feeling, you’re sat at home in your boxers playing Resistance: Fall of Man and you start thinking “you more…

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Record Label Pushes Three New GH3 Songs

Flyleaf (pictured above, minus singer Lacey Mosley) join Guitar Hero as DLC If you’ve played through every track on Guitar Hero more…

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Demo the DS’s Upcoming Breakdancing Game

Nothing says hardcore hip-hop like the Nintendo DS (snicker!) but Ignition Entertainment is now serving up a web demo of more…