Valve In No Danger of Being Sold, Faliszek Says

Last week, a major South Korean newspaper, JoongAng, reported that the Seoul based developers Nexon – responsible for titles more…

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Nexon Not Buying Out EA, Just in Talks for FIFA Online Offering

A few days back, we reported that Nexon was rumored to have been in talks to buy out Electronic Arts. I’m sure most of you (I more…

RUMOR: Publisher Nexon Shows “Interest” in Acquiring EA

In the gaming world, a whisper of a rumor can get amplified to a shout in seconds flat, and the latest scuttlebutt concerns a more…

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Nexon Posts 59% Revenue Growth On Heels of Maple Story and Vindictus Success

Nexon announced today that Nexon America, Inc., grew 59 percent in the first quarter of this year in comparison to the first more…

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Nexon releases MapleStory: Thief Edition for the iPhone

Nexon, one of the leading Free2Play gaming companies just announced that their most famous online game MapleStory will be more…