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Next-Gen Or No Gen?

I’d like to preface what I’ve written here by saying that this is not a scathing attack on Microsoft, the Xbox One, or any of more…

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EA CEO John Riccitiello Talks Next Generation Timing and Impact of Investor Perception on Stock Price

In an interview from earlier this week, CNBC sat down with EA CEO John Riccitiello to discuss his company’s stock more…

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Robert Bowling Founds New Development Studio Robotoki

Perhaps Infinity Ward will be remembered as much for the Call of Duty series as it will be for the many studios that have more…

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GameStop CEO Claims Next-Gen Consoles Won’t Prevent Play of Used Games

For those worried used games would not work on the next generation of consoles, GameStop’s CEO Paul Raines has stated he more…

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Ubisoft Says They’re “Extremely Limited” By The PS3 and Xbox 360

Ubsisoft is no stranger about discussion of the next generation of consoles, and once again the company is defending their more…

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This Console Gen Has To End. New Consoles – The Time Is Now!

2005 was a glorious year for gaming fans around the world, most of us finally put down our Dualshock 2’s and those god-awful more…