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RipTen Review: DmC Devil May Cry (360)

I like the new Dante. Actually, I prefer the new Dante. I feel I owe it to you get that out there early given the more…

Devil May Cry Will Go Old School Again… Probably

Not long ago, when fans got their first glimpse at what Capcom and Ninja Theory were doing with DmC: Devil May Cry – more more…

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Check Out Dante in Action in New DmC Gameplay Trailer, New Screens

You can’t talk about Ninja Theory’s upcoming Devil May Cry game without getting some fans upset. Well maybe this new gameplay more…

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E3 2011: New Devil May Cry Trailer Kicks Ass

Dante may not look the same, but one thing is certain – he still knows how to kick some serious demon ass. Devil May Cry more…

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Ripten Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Xbox 360)

When I first saw the initial advertising for Namco Bandai and Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, I thought that it more…

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Devil May Cry Gets a Reboot and a Killer Trailer

Announced this morning at the Toyko Game Show, DMC looks to “reboot” the Devil May Cry franchise with a fresh faced young more…

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US/Canada Pre-Order Bonuses for Enslaved Detailed

Set 150 years into a future void of human existence, Enslaved tells the tale of “Monkey”, a survivor who has been on the run more…

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Namco & Ninja Theory Release Enslaved E3 Trailer, Monkey Goes West

Publisher Namco Bandai and England based developer Ninja Theory, best known for their work on the PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, more…

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High-Res Artwork for Heavenly Sword Sequel?

At least we presume the artwork is for a Heavenly Sword sequel, since Ninja Theory has stated that it is a three game series. more…

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Heavenly Sword Creators Working on Something Exciting

Ninja Theory, the developers that brought us Heavenly Sword, are moving forward in the creation of their next game. Something more…

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Heavenly Sword Demo: Over Before It Even Began

When I got home from work today I updated my PS3 to 1.90 and downloaded the demo for Heavenly Sword. The grin on my face was more…

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Heavenly Sword Demo To Hit US Playstation Network (PSN) July 26th…

If any of you gamers are fans of the show Heroes on NBC you may remember that in the beginning of episode 18 Jessica and more…