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EA CEO John Riccitiello Talks Next Generation Timing and Impact of Investor Perception on Stock Price

In an interview from earlier this week, CNBC sat down with EA CEO John Riccitiello to discuss his company’s stock more…

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A 42% Slump in Gaming Sales Points to Serious Adjustments in the Near Future

Though I’ve heard the claim dozens of times before, the gaming industry is not recession-proof.  Resistant, maybe, but every more…

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Skylanders Cloud Control Debuts to Impressive iOS Sales

  Over the last week, I noticed a strange trend on Twitter – a number of journalists were tweeting about how more…

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February NPD Numbers Show Hardware Sales Up; MW3 At No. 1 Spot

The results for NPD’s number crunching and analysis on the videogames industry is a mix of good news and bad news. The more…

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NPD December 2010 – Hardware and Software Sales Detailed

Nintendo led in the Hardware count with the DS selling 2.5 million while the Wii moved 2.36 million units. While this sounds more…

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November NPD Data: Xbox 360 and CoD: Black Ops Dominate

November NPD data is in and for hardware it’s great news for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 while in software the big winner was more…

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Year to Date and Lifetime to Date NPD Hardware Sales Numbers

Here are the latest NPD Hardware Sales numbers.  Nintendo’s Wii Still holds a decided sales edge in the good old US of A more…

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Xbox 360 Slim Outselling Wii and DS

Microsoft’s re -designed Xbox 360 has apparently caught fire (not literally) with the gaming community as it has outsold the more…

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Greenberg: Halo 3 Outsold Several Top Sony Exclusives, Combined

I’ve never been able to get into the Halo series myself, not to say that I think it’s bad, I’ve just never got around to more…

Study Says 90% of Games Bought at Retail, Macs Apparently Have Games

The NPD Group, a group that likes to find things out about stuff, has recently released information that shows the vast more…

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NPD April 2009: Nintendo Banks on DS, Sells Over a Million Units

No joke people! Nintendo has sold over a million DS handhelds in the United States in April alone. A remarkable month for the more…

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Microsoft Predicts More Sales of FFXIII and RE5 on Xbox 360 than PlayStation 3

A recent Gamespot interview discussed the February’s NPD sales figures with representatives of both Microsoft and Sony. The more…

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UK Overtakes Japan in the Videogame Market

While the U.S. remains on top in the videogame market, a surprising turn of events over the past several years has resulted more…

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Xbox 360’s Million-Sellers

After researching the million-selling games available for PlayStation 3, I thought it only fair to follow that up with the more…

MGS4 Score!
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PlayStation 3’s Million-Sellers

After publishing my LittleBigPlanet story about sales numbers, in which I mentioned the million-sellers for PS3 and Xbox 360, more…