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New Video Game Releases: April 3 – April 9

Two quiet weeks in a row? Inconceivable. Ubisoft’s I Am Alive comes to PlayStation Network and there are a bunch of more…

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Bethesda says Skyrim is Their Most Solid Release, Updated More than Fallout 3 and Oblivion Already

We already reported on how Bethesda thinks the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim problems aren’t as bad as it seems on the PS3 just more…

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Ten Funny Scripted Video Game Jokes

Games can be funny. More often than not, it’s a glitch or quirk of the game can create hilarious results, or just the nature more…

Oblivion Guard
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The Oblivion Guard Takes An Arrow to the Meme

Oblivion didn’t have that many voice actors.  Luckily for Wes Johnson, that makes his voice rather recognizable.  I mean, more…

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Geeked Out: Read Every Skyrim Book on Your iPad or Kindle!

Are you a bibliophile? Does the endless supply of tomes in Skyrim call to you long after the computer’s gone to sleep and the more…

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RipTen Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360)

When we look back at history, there will be moments that warrant pause. Man’s achievements will punctuate the timeline, and we more…

Skyrim Animation
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Behold The Animations of Skyrim in this New Video

The Elder Scrolls has always been known for it’s mesmerizing open world gameplay, but the animations? Not so much. Well, more…

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Bethesda’s Todd Howard says Skyrim is “More Like Fallout 3” than Oblivion

Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda, has said that many things in Skyrim will take after Fallout 3 rather than more…

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Stuff That Never Gets Old: The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi

There are some entities on the internet that transcend time and relevancy. No matter how out-of-date they may be, no matter more…

Next Gen Elder Scrolls
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This is What Skyrim Could (and Should) Look Like With Next Gen Tech

The last three games in Bethesda’s flagship Elder Scrolls series have always pushed the boundaries of game visuals. This is more…

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Geeked Out: The Oblivion Tome of Awesome

One thing that separates The Elder Scrolls series from other open world RPGs is the almost daunting amount of lore present in more…

Behold, My First Character in Skyrim!!
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One Hour With Skyrim Finally Made Me a True Believer (Hands On)

Sheogorath, my lord and protector… why did I ever doubt your madness?  Had I lost my own mind?  Did I truly think that more…

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Think You’re Getting $10 Off Skyrim Just for Buying Oblivion? Think Again

The Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition has just been released.  Besides coming in a sweet metal case and being bundled with more…

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Steam Summer Sale Begins, Wallets Considering Strike Action

The Steam Summer sale has begun once again, bringing so many deals that gamers’ wallets everywhere are seriously at more…

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The Elder Scrolls Theme Played on a Harp is F**king Beautiful

A few days ago, we found an incredible cover of the Duke Nukem theme.  Today we’ve gone to the other end of the spectrum and more…