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Torment: One Week Remains to Fund Two Crucial Stretch Goals

I have to hope, pray and assume that most of you are familiar with the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter that’s rapidly more…

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Project Eternity Sets Record For Highest Game Funding On Kickstarter

Here at RipTen, we have covered several Kickstarter projects that have come and gone over the past year. Although Kickstarter more…

This new world looks strikingly familiar...
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Obsidian Has Been Hinting at a Kickstarter Project for an Eternity – Now it’s a Reality

Shortly after Tim Schafer and Double Fine made the name Kickstarter a household name in the gaming industry, Obsidian hinted more…

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No, Kitty! These are my new South Park: The Stick of Truth Screenshots!

THQ and Obsidian just put a big ol’ smile on my face. We just received these brand new screenshots of the upcoming South more…

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THQ Talks Layoffs, Won’t Ship Darksiders II and South Park Until They’re “Perfect”

RIPTEN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DANNY BILSON The past six months haven’t been kind to THQ. While their stock prices have more…

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Denis Dyack Is the Latest Developer to Demonize Used Games

It’s no secret that game developers are less than enthused by the proliferation of used game sales in today’s market.  more…

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Chris Avellone and Brian Fargo to Bring Obsidian and inXile Together For Wasteland 2

And, lo, an amazing thing has come to pass… well, it will. If you open your wallets and give generously. We just more…

Black Isle Yes We Can
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Brian Fargo & Chris Avellone On Bringing Back Black Isle Studios: Yes We Can!

There are a lot of great gestalt metaphors: “getting the band back together,” “letting our powers combine to call Captain more…

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Brian Fargo Talks Wasteland 2, “Abysmal” Publisher Treatment and Having Fun Again

Kickstarter has been the source of much energy and excitement for the video game industry over the past couple of months. more…

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Development Disaster: Could Kickstarter Flirtation Lead to Publisher Excommunication?

Let’s suppose for just a minute, that you are a developer. You’ve had some successes and a loyal following, but lately, more…

Obsidian’s Initial Kickstarter Suggestions from Fans so Far

During the amazing million-dollar-run made by Double Fine on Kickstarter a few days ago, someone tweeted Chris more…

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Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Available February 7

The Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition is coming to retail stores in the US on February 7th and Europe on February 10th. It more…

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Obsidian Confirms 5th South Park RPG Class is “The Jew”

As a Jew who loves South Park, role playing games and Obsidian Entertainment.  I must say that I am outraged… that this more…

heart stab
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Obsidian Wants To Go All Digital… To “Stab the Used Game Market in The Heart”

Obsidian Entertainment is apparently not a fan of the used games market, which is pretty understandable, considering the more…

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Obsidian Wants the Used Game Business to Disappear

Used games is huge business. For instance, when you buy a per-owned title, a company like Gamestop makes more money, then if more…