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72 Hour Zelda Marathon Seeks To Raise Money For Child’s Play Charity

    Video game marathons that raise money for recognized charities are always great events to both watch and more…

Better Business Bureau – Mass Effect 3 “Technically” Falsely Advertised

  Just when we thought the firestorm was over, the Better Business Bureau has issued a statement indicating that EA more…

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Gabe Newell Isn’t Afraid to Think Big

Managing Editor’s note: The piece below was written in response to Ben Kuchera’s interview with Gabe Newell of Valve for the more…

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Penny Arcade Teams With ESRB to Remind People That Ratings Exist

That isn’t actually a snarky headline or anything, it is pretty much how I view the reasoning behind issue #2 of Penny Arcade more…

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Nintendo and Penny Arcade Team Up For Zelda Comic

Nintendo has joined forces with Penny Arcade for a Zelda: Skyward Sword comic.  Each week for five weeks, starting today, a more…

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for The Gamer in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is such a hard holiday to shop for. You can either go for the old reliable gifts of candy and flowers to seem more…

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Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 1 and 2 75% off This Weekend

Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 1 and 2 are 75% off as part of Steam’s Weekend Deal. The “Penny Arcade Adventures: more…

Penny Arcade Launching PATV, Frelevant Shows Coming Soon

The team over at Penny Arcade has just announced their master plan to take over the world, and it all starts with the launch of more…

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Penny Arcade Awards $10K Video Game Design College Scholarship

Aspiring video game designer, Kyla Gorman, was recently awarded $10,000 in scholarship money via the 2009 Penny Arcade more…

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Nintendo Skewered By Webcomics

Webcomics often provide niche interests with humor that isn’t found in the local Sunday funnies. But they can also serve more…

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Review: Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1

For those not in the know, Penny Arcade is the world’s most popular webcomic on all things gaming. Within the gaming more…

Child’s Play Raises Over One Million Dollars

I don’t know about you, but I was growing pretty damn sick of hearing about all the horrible shit people have been doing more…