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God of War PS3 Bundle Includes ‘Garnet Red’ PS3

With the release of the next title in Sony’s epic God of War franchise – the prequel titled Ascension – scheduled to hit more…

Grand Theft Auto V Release Pushed From Spring to Fall

If you were really looking forward to committing a ton of virtual vehicular manslaughter this spring, you’re going to be more…

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RipTen Review: Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360)

There is no denying that 2012 has been a busy year for Ubisoft, with the next installment of their flagship Assassin’s Creed more…

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“Accessibility” Will Be Key Focus of Dark Souls II, From Software Confirms

When one thinks about Dark Souls, the word “accessibility” is one of the last things that leaps to mind. For a game notorious more…

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Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Confirmed as the Next Borderlands 2 DLC

The first Borderlands was a surprise hit for Gearbox Software, emerging as a new IP in 2009 and becoming both a highly more…

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Square Enix Confirms Hitman Triology For HD Release in Early 2013

With the recent release of Hitman: Absolution and the relatively positive press that has surrounded it, you couldn’t blame more…

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Namco Bandai To Deliver More Punishment in Dark Souls II

When Dark Souls was released in 2011, the “Prepare to Die” marquee on the back of the game served as a warning to some and a more…

The Last of Us Release Date and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Though PlayStation 3 owners may have had to endure a relatively light holiday season on the exclusive front (aside from the more…

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Black Ops II Breaks Sales Records, Analysts Still Posit Series on the Decline

To some, the yearly releases in the Call of Duty series is becoming a tiresome trend that is diluting the appeal of the FPS more…

New Tomb Raider Screenshots Released

Though the good ship Endurance isn’t due to wreck upon the unfortunately populated island until March, Square Enix is doing all more…

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BioShock Infinite’s Beautiful Artwork Inspires a Decidedly Mundane Box Art

Box art in many ways can serve as a first impression of a game.  It is the first thing consumers see on shelves, usually more…

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First PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Announced

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launches next week, but the game’s first downloadable characters have already been more…

PlayStation Plus Coming to Vita Next Week

During the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that it would be bringing the PlayStation Plus service to the Vita sometime this year. more…

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Achievement Denied! Nintendo Not Supporting Achievement System For The Wii U

We are less than one week away from the launch on Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U, and the video games press is more…

‘Vergil’s Downfall’ DLC for DmC Arriving Early 2013

First off, I want you all to take a deep breath. Yes, Capcom has already announced downloadable content for their upcoming DmC: more…