Sega Hints New PS3 and Vita Project, But What Is It?

Despite leaving the console market after the decline of the Dreamcast, the fanfare surrounding Sega still remains strong to more…

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Ubisoft Has a Less Publicized PSN Sale

I’ve seen a lot of news about Square Enix’s big Xbox Live sale today, but there was significantly less mention of the equally more…

PS Plus is the lifeblood of my PS Vita right now.
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The PlayStation Vita: One Year Later

Since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 at Sony’s 2013 PlayStation Meeting on Wednesday, it may have slipped your mind more…

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10 Titles Discounted for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

After last week’s massive PlayStation Plus update, subscribers should not expect a cavalcade of free titles again for this more…

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Ratchet & Clank Delay Their Assault on PlayStation Vitas Until January

Instead of any major flagship title, Sony appeared to be taking a different approach to this holiday season, releasing more…

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Christmas Comes Early with This Week’s PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus updates can usually deliver one or two intriguing offers, but every now and then a week comes along that more…

Jet Set on the Go with the Mobile Release of This SEGA Classic

Today’s news about PlayStation Plus arriving for PlayStation Vita owners next week may have found the inclusion of Jet Set more…

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RipTen Review: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Vita)

Cramming a title as expansive as Need for Speed: Most Wanted is an ambitious task for any developer.  Though developer more…

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Sony Suggests Price Cuts Are in the Vita’s Future

Unfortunately for Sony, there’s no denying that the PlayStation Vita has been hurting in the retail space.  Despite some more…

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Persona 4 Golden Encourages (Virtual) Socializing

Persona 4 Golden is set to occupy PlayStation Vita owners desperate for something to play on the handheld with dozens and more…

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RipTen Review: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (Vita)

As perhaps Sony’s most family friendly mascot, Sackboy has certainly made the rounds in recent years.  With two console more…

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PlayStation Vita Update Includes PSOne Classic Support…with a Catch

Owners of recent PlayStation consoles and handhelds have grown familiar with the onslaught of firmware updates the systems more…

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Dance Like a Claptrap Over These PlayStation Plus Updates

While recent weeks and events like Gamescom have brought word of some important PlayStation Plus upgrades, for the time being more…

Spice Up Guacamelee! with Vita Controller Support

For any PlayStation Vita owners smart enough to pick up one of the system’s downloadable surprises, Tales from Space: Mutant more…

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Sony Announces PlayStation Vita Sales Through June

While I’ve enjoyed some great titles for the PlayStation Vita thus far, it appears the market at large has not exactly taken more…