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Bethesda: “The license is ours. Fallout belongs to us.” Interplay: “ORLY!?”

On today’s episode of, “Tales of Our Post-Apocalyptic Lives” – Bethesda says Interplay has the rights to nothing.  Low and more…

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Bethesda’s Motion to Dismiss Interplay Counter-Claims – DENIED

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the, “Days of Our Post-Apocalyptic Lives”.  On today’s episode of the soap opera more…

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Bethesda Says They’ve Been Consistent With Interplay Claims – Or Have They?

The drama continues as the future of the Fallout MMO hangs in the balance.  More legal documents have been poured over and more…

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NEW Fallout MMO Info Surfaces – Actually Tells Us Something

Another cryptic email about the Fallout MMO has arrived from Interplay – but this time there’s actually some solid more…

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More Mysterious Fallout MMO Propaganda Has Appeared in Your Inbox

Any news is better than no news . . . but what sort of news is this!?  Today, all of us who’ve signed up for Fallout Online more…