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First Screenshots of Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua on the Vita

Kadokawa Games has released the first two screenshots of their PlayStation Vita port of Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua. The Vita more…

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Persona 4: The Golden Out for PlayStation Vita June 14th in Japan

The upgraded PlayStation Vita version of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 packaged as “The Golden”, will be out on the 14th of more…

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2K Sports Releases First Screenshot of NBA 2K12 – It’s Dirk Nowitzki Scoring on LeBron

Today 2K Sports released the very first screenshot of NBA 2K12. The screenshot highlights the exciting 2011 NBA Finals more…

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This Console Gen Has To End. New Consoles – The Time Is Now!

2005 was a glorious year for gaming fans around the world, most of us finally put down our Dualshock 2’s and those god-awful more…

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White Boy Raps The History of Gaming

Did you ever wonder what all those people you went to high school with have been up to?  Well, some went on to be doctors, more…

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Band Hero Demo Hits XBL Marketplace, Pre-Teen Girls Everywhere Pause Twilight to Rejoice

Is that headline a bit critical of Band Hero? No. Is that headline very critical of Band Hero? Absolutely. The demo for more…

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PS2 and Dreamcast games coming to PSN?

Destructoid have noticed this post on NeoGaf detailing a leaked document from SEGA. The document was leaked and includes a more…

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Uncharted 2 spams Twitter so you don’t have to

It has transpired that Uncharted 2 will include support for Twitter updates. Players can input their account details and have more…

Annie, are you okay?
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New Michael Jackson Game in the Works?

According to the Google translation of a Belgian gaming website 9 Lives, the king of pop (should that be capitalized?) has a more…

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Harmonix releases kick pedal with double bass adaptor

Harmonix and PDP have announced that they will be shipping a kick pedal and double bass pedal adaptor pack for $24.99. The more…

I too, have fragments of glass in my head. Long story. Not really.
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Konami Announces Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii, PS2, and PSP

Sure, we already knew it was coming thanks to the leaked cover of May’s Nintendo Power, but today Konami sent out the press more…

It's called Jak and Daxter again!
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New PSP and PS2 Jak and Daxter announced

The Playstation blog announced today that High Impact Games are in the process of developing a brand new Jak and Daxter game more…

Om Nom Nom indeed.
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Wipeout Pulse coming to PS2, Fat Princess out in March

Video Games Blogger reports that Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux (In case you don’t know, that’s Belgium, Netherlands, more…

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First Gameplay Footage & New Screenshots for Tomb Raider Underworld

Today, Eidos Interactive revealed the first gameplay footage, as well as some screenshots for the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of more…

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PS2 Version 4 Is Coming October 2008

It was released in Japan last November; now the fourth version of PS2 is coming to Europe and India. That’s according to SCE more…