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Dead Nation Patch Will Add Voice Chat

Housemarque is adding voice chat to their Zombie shooter Dead Nation.  While released to critical acclaim, many gamers felt more…

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Gran Turismo 5 Boosts PS3 Sales in Japan

Gran Turismo 5 is the #1 selling game in Japan.  Better yet, it looks as if the game has helped to nearly double sales of more…

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SEGA Announces Binary Domain

In a press release announcing Binary Domain, the newest game from SEGA and Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi, we’re asked the more…

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Dead Nation Trophy Guide

Housemarque’s Zombie shooter Dead Nation hits the PSN this week.  We at Ripten love the game.  Read our review. Do you more…

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Ten Games We Wish Used Playstation Move

PS Move has been out for awhile now.  Yet, even though there are some great games that are compatible with move, there are more…

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Marvel Pinball Actually Looks Kinda Awesome

“You got your Pinball in my Marvel”  Marvel Superheroes and Pinball, not as weird a combination as you’d imagine.  What’s more…

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Splatterhouse Achievement / Trophy Guide

Splatterhouse is back and bloodier than ever. If you want to become the master of mayhem and complete all the more…

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Gran Turismo 5 PSP Connectivity Details

In a few days (cross your fingers) Gran Turismo 5 will finally be released for the PS3.  Did you know it can be linked more…

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PlayStation Network’s ‘Stock Up for Winter’ Sale’s Awesome Deals

The PlayStation Network is having their big “Stock Up for Winter Sale” right now.  Unfortunately, it is only more…

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Mass Effect 3 Outed By Sony Russia – To be at VGAs and on PS3

So much for Russian secrecy – SCEE Russia has effectively outed Mass Effect 3 via Twitter. The Tweet goes on to say more…

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Awesome PS3 Black Friday Deals

If you own or are looking for a PlayStation 3, there are some good deals coming for Black Friday.  Not just for the more…

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Sony’s Kevin Butler Adds More Awesome In Latest Gran Tursimo 5 PS3 Commercial

Sony PlayStation’s multifaceted VP, Kevin Butler, has held many titles during his stint as the company’s comedic pitch man, more…

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PS3 to Have New Movie Service ‘VUDU’ – PS Move Compatible

I’m sure you were thinking that the PlayStation 3 needed another movie streaming service.  When VUDU becomes available more…

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Super Meat Boy Never Coming to PS3 – Deal With It

Super Meat Boy became available on Xbox Live Arcade last month. It’s coming to Windows later this month, Nintendo WiiWare more…

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Bungie’s Next Game Coming To All Consoles and PC Online?

Bungie has not made a PC game since 2001.  However, news coming out of the BMO Digital Entertainment Conference seems to more…