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God of War Collection Coming November 17, Trophy List Announced

The PlayStation Blog have announced that the full HD re-releases of God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray disc more…

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Sony Announces Netflix Partnership: PS3 Movie Streaming Service Starts Next Month

The “anything you can do I can do better” competition between the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 for the title more…

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Band Hero Demo Hits XBL Marketplace, Pre-Teen Girls Everywhere Pause Twilight to Rejoice

Is that headline a bit critical of Band Hero? No. Is that headline very critical of Band Hero? Absolutely. The demo for more…

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God of War Collection to Include GoW III Demo

The God of War collection smashes onto the PS3 in less than two months featuring the full version of the first two games in more…

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PS2 and Dreamcast games coming to PSN?

Destructoid have noticed this post on NeoGaf detailing a leaked document from SEGA. The document was leaked and includes a more…

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Stay Classy, Tecmo

This is an advert for Tecmo’s upcoming PS3 game Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. In the game, you can shake the Sixaxis to make the more…

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Can’t reach the phone? Order pizza from your PS3

In a stroke of absolute genius, Sony have announced that PS3 owners who don’t feel like getting up to feed themselves can now more…

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Wipeout HD and Fury expansion coming to Blu-Ray for Europe

Joystiq reports that the acclaimed downloadable game Wipeout HD will be heading to Blu-Ray for European gamers. The bundle more…

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God of War I and II coming to PS3

Good news, everyone! Well, at least to the people who haven’t yet played the God of War games on the PS2. Sony today more…

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God of War Trilogy Coming to PS3 this December?

Rumor has it that the God of War games, including a demo for the upcoming third game in the series, are coming to the Sony more…

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Killzone 2 Double XP Weekend

You read that right Killzone 2 fans! After just releasing the third DLC map pack “Napalm & Cordite” yesterday for their more…

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Castle Crashers coming to PS3

Gamespot have managed to get a first look at Castle Crashers, the XBLA hit- on the PS3. Always good news when a well-received more…

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LittleBigPlanet reaches 1 million community levels

LittleBigPlanet recently reached one million online levels, and the developers have deservedly begun to celebrate. A million more…

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Reverse rhythm-based shooter Retro/Grade announced for PS3

Retro/Grade isn’t your average shooter. Sure, it looks a little like it, but there’s a key element to this game that makes it more…

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Killzone 2 Napalm & Cordite DLC includes new maps, new weapons

So, last week I had a post up about the new Killzone 2 update and DLC and in that post I told you all that the DLC and update more…