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All Playstation 1 Titles Playable on PSP via Remote Play – Now with Video Evidence

Some exciting news has just broken. Remote play has taken a step forward. The 2.10 Playstation 3 Update combined with the more…

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simExchange: November Software Sales Exceed Predictions

Undaunted by a floundering dollar, consumers are still spending their hard-earned cash on entertainment products for the more…

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Super Stardust HD Going Online with Clan Support?

This is strange. A member of the gaming forum Neogaf has spotted an Online Expansion for the Playstation Network game Super more…

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PS3/PSP Compatible Robo-Dog on the Way?

Could it be? A PS3/PSP compatible robotic dog is bounding its way into our living rooms? That’s what Stuff Magazine has more…

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The NY Times Says Xbox 360 is Powered by Cell Processor

It’s like your Grandmother trying to talk about the Pussycat Dolls. How many gaming facts can you get wrong in one article? more…

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Skyline R-35 TV Spot

So the first Gran Turismo 5 Prologue TV Spot is here, and what a glorious looking trailer for Japan it is. If only the game was more…

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Ripten Rant: PS3 Users Don’t Need an In-Game XMB

Just like you don’t need this burger, Fatty, you don’t need an in-game XMB Today is the start of a new Ripten mid-week more…

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New Foklore Expansion Packs Coming

Completists be damned! In this brave new era of DLC, there’s always a new monster to slay or a new quest to complete. Such as more…

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Neogaffer Gives Warhawk Expansion Pack Impressions *First Footage*

Want to know what the new Warhawk expansion pack is like? Well a member of online gaming forum Neogaf has got himself a review more…

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Home Sweet Home: 25 Minute Tour of Playstation’s New Online Network

When do we get to go Home? Christmas is a time to be at Home with the family, so we can only hope that Sony gives us a more…

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PS3 Cracks Quicker Than the Rest, Passwords That Is

Want to get yourself some money in double quick time, or get hold of some top secret government documents? Then why not use more…

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Warhawk: Omega Dawn Finished, Price Announced

Game Director Dylan Jobe’s updated Playstation.blog with an announcement that the Warhawk Booster Pack, entitled “Omega more…

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Japanese Playstation 3 Owners Getting Video On Demand

According to Variety, Sony plans to launch a new “On Demand” service for the Playstation 3 early next year in Japan, with more…

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Official Grand Theft Auto IV Box Art Revealed – Next Trailer Dated

Rockstar revealed the official box art for Grand Theft Auto IV today, albeit in a manner we’re not very used to seeing. A more…

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Is The PS3 Really Selling That Well? *Update*

We have seen reports from Japan and Europe showing that Playstation 3 sales are up, even thrashing the Wii in Japan three weeks more…