GOG’s Summer Sale Kicks Off With Free Torchlight

It’s getting to be that time again. When digital distribution reminds everyone of why giving up physical copies might not be more…

PSA: Gamer’s Gate Launches Two Week Long Spring Sale

At this point, Steam has become notorious for popular Summer and Holiday sales events that last for multiple days tempt many more…

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PSA: Be VERY Careful When Installing/Uninstalling Shootmania

Our friends over at CinemaBlend have uncovered (via Reddit) a nasty little bug in the Shootmania beta from Nadeo and more…

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the... terrible draw distance.
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PSA: Digital Sales From GOG, Gamer’s Gate, and Bundles

There’s a few neat sales for digital games going on, so here’s a quick rundown of four promotions. In an attempt to get more…

long term damage
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Public Health Message Shows Us The Truth About Life

You’ve seen the Video Game Cliches We All Wish Were Real, but how many of you knew that on game has made it a reality? This more…

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Knowing is Half the Battle: G.I. John… Madden?

As it turns out, the old G.I. Joe Saying “knowing is half the battle” applies to more than just the military. According to more…

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Kid Rock Trumps Peter Moore, Artist Instructs Kids to “Steal Everything” (Video)

In an age obsessed with cracking down on piracy, EA President, Peter Moore stated that he didn’t necessarily feel the focus more…

Pennsylvania Governor Defends Videogames and Supports the ESRB

Fight for your right to Mario Party! Unlike the vast majority of politicians, Pennsylvania State Governor Ed Rendell is not more…