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NY Jets QB’s Xbox 360 Red Rings, Sony Tells Him to Get a PS3

While some people send their Xbox back to Microsoft for repair, others ask Twitter for advice. NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez did more…

RRoD Target
Target Store Logo Red Rings (Image)

I now know where I’m NOT going to be buying an Xbox 360. This Target is giving off a more-than-subtle hint to any gamer worth more…

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Microsoft No Longer Sending Pre-Paid Shipping Boxes For Broken Consoles

The red ring of death is something that Xboxers the world over dread. However, Microsoft has done what they can to ease the more…

Tiny image!
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Microsoft warranty now covers E74 errors

GameZine reports that Microsoft have extended their warranty to cover the E74 error as well as the Red Ring of Death. A more…

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A Solder’s Balls: 360 Red Ring of Death’s Possible Explanation

The mysterious Red Ring of Death has perplexed many Xbox 360 owners. What evil magic causes the system to overheat and crap more…

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Microsoft Banning 360 Consoles with Modded Fans

Too bad. This is getting a little ridiculous. It seems that Microsoft will ban you from Xbox Live for just about anything more…

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How Bout’ The Time I Emailed Bill Gates…

“Bill Gates is building one of these as we speak” From the red rings of death to the unreadable disk errors, 360’s were more…