MGS4 Score!
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PlayStation 3’s Million-Sellers

After publishing my LittleBigPlanet story about sales numbers, in which I mentioned the million-sellers for PS3 and Xbox 360, more…

littlebigplanet flames
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LittleBigPlanet Sales Not That Great? No Shit!

I know some fanboys will read the headline and expect this article to totally slam the PS3 and Little Big Planet, and they more…

Sales Increase
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Economic Slowdown? Gaming Industry Suffers Not

You may remember when we reported that analysts were expecting the gaming industry to have huge sales this holiday, more…

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September NPD: Xbox 360 Sales Spike

Microsoft weren’t going to break the old adage that ‘price cuts cause increased sales,’ proving their tactics correct with a more…

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Japan: Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 for the Entire Month of September

The month is over and stats are in: The Xbox 360 has sold more units in Japan than the PlayStation 3 during the month of more…

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PS3 and PSP Sales Up 30 Percent, But Will Manufacturing Shortages Follow?

Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton recently gave news that PSP and Playstation 3 sales are up 30% from their projected targets. While more…

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June NPD: Nintendo and Sony Prosper

This is the month we’d see how much of an impact Metal Gear Solid 4 had on actual PS3 hardware sales. The results are more…

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Big Shock: Incredible First Day Sales for GTA IV

According to industry tracker VG Chartz, early sales data indicates that Grand Theft Auto IV has sold a whopping 2.5 million more…

Wii Fit
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Wii Fit Vaulting Off Shelves

Nintendo’s Wii Fit was released this week, and the craze surrounding it is already becoming comparable to the actual more…

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Xbox 360 Sales Rise in UK Following Price Cut

Following Microsoft’s recent price cut of all the Xbox 360 hardware packages in Europe, sales in the UK have risen by 40%. In more…

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Super Mario Galaxy Soars Past 1 Million U.S. Sales in November

According to sales estimates by The simExchange, Nintendo utterly demolished its rivals in sales last month, selling over a more…

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Beowulf Gone Budget in Record Time

Beowulf the movie is certainly not a budget title. It uses the latest technology to create a 3d CG experience like never more…

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Costly MGS4 Must Sell 1 Million on Day One

All of you PS3 hold-outs better be ready to pony up the cash when Metal Gear Solid 4 finally hits shelves next year, because more…

Nintendo On Historic High

Nintendo is reporting record sales for the first week of the holiday season. more…

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Is The PS3 Really Selling That Well? *Update*

We have seen reports from Japan and Europe showing that Playstation 3 sales are up, even thrashing the Wii in Japan three weeks more…