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Ubisoft Unveils New Assassin’s Creed III Video, Art and Screens

Amidst rampant rumors and speculation regarding the new direction in the eagerly-awaited third installment of the popular more…

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Arkane Studios Brings You Steamy New ‘Dishonored’ Assassination Screens

If you haven’t heard about Dishonored yet, it is worth keeping an eye on.  Arkane Studios, the developer, previously worked more…

Heavy Dimension 1
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New ‘Quantum Conundrum’ Screenshots Released

Square Enix released screen shots for it’s upcoming first person physics-puzzle title, Quantum Conundrum at GDC last week in more…

Assassin's Creed 3 Soldiers Marching
Rumors, Sandbox, Third Person
First Assassin’s Creed 3 Screenshots Sneak Onto The Net

The setting for the next Assassin’s Creed was finally established as taking place during the American Revolutionary War after more…

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Prototype 2 – ‘Daddy’s Coming Home’ Trailer and Thrilling new Screens

Activision has released a new trailer and 6 new screenshots for Prototype 2.  The trailer, titled “Daddy’s Coming Home is more…

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Take On Helicopters Hind DLC Announced – New Details and Screens

Everybody’s (and by everybody’s I mean my) favourite developers Bohemia Interactive are releasing new DLC for their 2011 more…

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True Crime: Hong Kong’s Successor is ‘Sleeping Dogs’ – Debut Trailer, Screens and More

Square-Enix today revealed Sleeping Dogs as the latest game in the True Crime series.  Activision is out, Squeenix is in, more…

ninja gaiden 3
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Three Ninja Gaiden 3 Characters Revealed – Screens and Bios

Tecmo Koei has revealed three new characters for Ninja Gaiden 3 and included screens and bios. The new characters are named more…

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New Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Screens Kickflip it Old School

Activision and Robomodo want to bring the Tony Hawk series back to its roots. No more gimmicky controls like with Tony Hawk: more…

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Dead Island ‘Ryder White’ Story DLC Announced – Screens and Details

Deep Silver has announced new story DLC for Dead Island, which allows gamers to play out the story of Ryder White. The more…

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Saints Row: The Third – Are You Ready for GenkiBowl VII DLC? Screens, Details, Trailer

Enjoying the mayhem of Saints Row: The Third but need more Genki? Then THQ has the perfect DLC for you. GenkiBowl VII takes more…

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Dated for PS Vita Launch, Stunning New Screens

Tecmo Koei has announced today that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will release on February 22nd – the PS Vita launch day.  Ninja more…

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New Max Payne 3 Screens Feature Stylized Ass-Kicking Multiplayer Action

Rockstar has unleashed a slew of new Max Payne 3 screenshots which display both campaign and multiplayer action. The screens more…

Skyim Death of Lydia
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 150 “Ultra” Quality Screens To Die For

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, if my previous musings about Skyrim were roughly 7000 more…

GTAV nope header
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Are These The First Screenshots of GTA V? No, They’re Not.

Yesterday, you may have seen some apparently, “leaked” images of Grand Theft Auto V. Well, upon closer inspection, many more…