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Five O’Clock Fan Art: A Very Scribblenauts Holiday

If I had one of the magical Scribblenauts notebooks, I’d give this planet one day, tops, before it’s overrun with more…

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RipTen Review: Hybrid (XBLA)

Hybrid’s lineage is perhaps one of its most interesting aspects. This unlikely project has 5th Cell, the developer of more…

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Scribblenauts Unlimited Asks You to Use Your Imagination

With the Wii U launch just a few days away, the age old console launch question has reared it’s adorable head. “What game are more…

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Scribblenauts Unlimited Preorder Offer – Embrace Your Inner Maxwell

Scribblenauts is one of those special series that is a huge hit in my house. It’s on every iDevice in my house, and my more…

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E3 2012: Scribblenauts Unlimited Coming This Holiday Season

Despite some gameplay flaws and questionable gameplay physics, the original Scribblenauts was a fun and engaging game more…

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Preview: From Scribble Fun to Hard Core Shooting, 5th Cell’s Hybrid is an Evolution

With such an overloaded market, shooters seriously need to innovate to give players what they want. I am not going to pick on more…

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Super Scribblenauts Announced, Cthulu and God Prepare to Fight Once More

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and 5th Cell have announced today that the sequel to last year’s Scribblenauts will be more…

Ripten Radio Winner of the Week: Scribblenauts

By now you’ve probably heard of Scribblenauts, but if you haven’t you should know that it’s being hailed as the Savior of All more…

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Here, have every word that’s in Scribblenauts

This text file is, put simply, a list of every word that is in the fantastic DS game Scribblenauts. It’s potentially the more…

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Scribblenauts given UK release date

Scribblenauts, the fantastic-looking DS game that went big after an appearance at this year’s E3, is coming to the UK on more…