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“Used Games Aren’t An Issue” Says Miyamoto

If you watched Sony’s press conference, then you know that the moment Jack Tretton announced that the PlayStation 4 wouldn’t more…

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Nintendo Nearly Showed New Zelda At E3; Possible Reveal In The Near Future?

  Shigeru Miyamoto, the as-of-yet unretired mastermind behind The Legend of Zelda franchise – among others, of course – more…

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Ghost Face Miyamoto, Saints Row Stewie, God of Twilight, Plus other Crazy Mashups

I’m going to be totally honest with you, I have no idea where this will go, in fact, I didn’t even know what I wanted to use more…

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Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia To Receive a Western Release

As gamers, the one thing we love as much as playing video games is reading about them. Several books have been published more…

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Miyamoto & Iwata Discuss How Nintendo Is Preparing For Miyamoto’s Eventual Departure

During the Q & A portion of Nintendo’s 72nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders an interesting question came up.  more…

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Add Another X to Your 3DS XL with a New Circle Pad Pro

When rumors circulated that Nintendo would be showing off a new 3DS at E3, many assumed the upgrade would include a built-in more…

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E3 2012: Is that a Pikmin in Your Pocket, or are You Just Happy to See 3?

We got a chance to preview Wii U title Pikmin 3 Pikmin fans have waited nearly eight years for the next installment in the more…

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Shigeru Miyamoto: The Vita Needs Software

We all know that the Vita is a little lacking for software. After a pretty strong launch window, things have slowed more…

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Suffering Wii Sales Lead Nintendo to First Annual Loss

At this point, starting off a news piece by saying something like “Nintendo has been having a tough time of late” could be more…

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‘Super Mario Galaxy 3’ in Doubt; “Difficult to Imagine,” Says Director

Super Mario Galaxy was hailed as one of the best games Nintendo has ever made, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 managed to surpass more…

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Shigeru Miyamoto’s Position At Nintendo Is Changing UPDATE: Not Changing

UPDATE: Apparently Shigeru Miyamoto’s role isn’t changing.  Here is what Nintendo had to say about this: “Video game more…

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Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Party at Nintendo World Recap

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Nintendo World Store in New more…

Failed Speed Run
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Super Mario Bros. Speed Runner Fails In Front Of Miyamoto

Nintendo held a grand event at the Nintendo World Store in NYC yesterday to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario more…

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The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Control Problem

It should be no surprise that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of my most highly desired Wii titles.  Upon it being more…

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Miyamoto – People Still Havin’ a Good Ol’ Time with the Wii

When asked about a successor to the Wii (among other things), Miyamoto replied that although they’re always thinking about more…