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New Video Game Releases: October 23 – 29

The fall rush puts the pedal to the metal this week with huge entries in the racing and FPS genres. Pick of the week: more…

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RUMOR: Street Fighter X Tekken Might Not Be Appearing At EVO 2013

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Over on the Shoryuken forums, a well established community site for fighting more…

Street Fighter x Tekken Disc-Locked Content Goes Live July 31st

This past April was an interesting month. Several major controversies had the gaming community up in arms, not the least of which more…

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Evolution 2012 Offering Over $100,000 in Prize Money

The fighting game community doesn’t cease to amaze me. It was just recently announced on Shoryuken that this years Evolution more…

Until Simpsons vs Futurama comes out, I guess I'll have to stick with this.
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RipTen Dojo: Why “Dream Crossovers” Just Don’t Work

Everyone has what they consider a dream match between two athletes or teams. Particularly in martial arts, people will more…

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Game Breaking Glitch Found in Street Fighter x Tekken Update, Patch Coming in “mid-June”

Dammit, Capcom. I was really hoping that your recent update to Street Fighter x Tekken would address a lot of the more…

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Capcom Re-Thinking Their DLC Stratagies Amidst Heavy Criticism

Capcom was once the darling of the video game world, with several landmark franchises like Mega Man, Resident Evil and Street more…

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Details for PC Version of Street Fighter X Tekken Revealed, Specs and DLC Both Addressed

Eurogamer got wind of the necessary PC specs as well as some news on DLC for Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken, which is set more…

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Tekken Lead Producer Katsuhiro Harada Ensures Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC Will Be Purely Cosmetic

After the fallout from Street Fighter x Tekken reveal that the DLC characters that players would have to spend extra money more…

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Capcom Is Gonna Get You, Hackers!

There has already been a bit of an outcry over the DLC characters appearing on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc, but things more…

GAME’s Tale of Woe and Financial Misery Continues

Gather ’round, children. Listen to our mournful song of a game retailer in its death throes. The vultures are circling and more…

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RipTen Review: Street Fighter X Tekken (Xbox 360)

The very fact that Street Fighter x Tekken exists is an amazing thing. Capcom has developed a game that combines two more…

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Thousand Pounds Releases New Video for Street Fighter x Tekken

Thousand Pounds, the video company known for Street Fighter inspired videos (most notably their “Real Life Ultra Combos and more…

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New PS Vita Games Announced for Japan as Part of Game Heaven

  Sony held the first of what may be a video series called PS Vita Game Heaven this morning.  While most of these more…

Blanka, one of the other DLC characters that was planned to be available later on in Street Fighter X Tekken.
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Is ‘Street Fighter x Tekken’s’ Costume and Character DLC Already on the Disc?

Things must be a mess at Capcom HQ. It was just recently revealed via YouTube videos posted by “SoulReaperTTG” that the more…