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Team Meat Releases the First Video of Their Next Game!

Are you curious about Team Meat’s next game? Who wouldn’t be after the commercial and critical success of Super Meat Boy. To more…

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What if Super meat Boy was Made by the Creator of VVVVVV?

The man behind VVVVVV, Terry Cavanagh, has released a playable flash version of Super Meat Boy in his own style. According more…

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More Details on “The Binding of Isaac”

The Binding of Isaac is the newest venture from Edmund McMillen, half of Team Meat, the duo that brought you the retro, more…

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Half of Team Meat Announces “The Binding of Isaac”

More Team Meat news, although this time it’s only coming from one half of the Super Meat Boy developer- Edmund. He’s got a more…

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Steam Summer Sale Day 3: Super Meat Boy, Darksiders

Welcome to day three of the Steam summer sale, with the superb Super Meat Boy and Darksiders on the daily deals, among many more…

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Team Meat Begin Creating New Game, “More Experimental”

Team Meat, the two person company behind Super Meat Boy, have begun work on their new game, this time looking at being more more…

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Man Becomes God, Unlocks “Impossible” Achievement in Super Meat Boy

Once you complete the “main” chapters as Meat Boy in Super Meat Boy, you will get the chance to play some of the most more…

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Super Drunk Boy – The World’s Worst Drinking Game (Videos)

Meet Clement. Clement likes to make let’s play videos. Clement is also rather good at Super Meat Boy. However, when you more…

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Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition Announced

Team Meat have announced that they will be releasing an “Ultra Edition” of Super Meat Boy. Here’s what comes in the $20 more…

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GDC11: Super Meat Boy Could Have Been Ported to PSN in Four Days

Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.  Either it’s way easier to port from Xbox to Playstation than I thought, or Team Meat is more…

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GDC11: Super Meat Recap: 400k Copies Sold – Steam Beats Out Xbox Live

According to Team Meat, you should all love all over Steam.  Hot nasty love.  The kind you clean up with a mop and more…

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GDC11: Super Meat Boy 3DS is a Possibilty – WiiWare is Not

The Super Meaty  Super Meat Bot panel just ended at the GDC and some things were made clear … other things, not so more…

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Super Meat Boy Tracks Coming to Rock Band Network

Three tracks from Super Meat Boy will be coming to the Rock Band Network “soon.” Since super Meat Boy has one of the best more…

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Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mario vs Meat

It’s hard to put into words how ridiculously awesome this picture is, but by God, I’m a writer, so I’m sure as hell going to more…

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Did You Just Get Some Meatboy In My Dead Space?!

Let’s get this out of the way. Dead Space and Super Meatboy are two of my favorite games of all time. I’ve been playing Dead more…