It'll be sort of like this, except I'll be carrying my arcade stick up a flight of stairs, bench pressing it, and so on.
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RipTen Dojo: Training for the Tournament

Readers, I’m going to go to a local tournament soon. To be precise, the tournament in question is in a month and five days. more…

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Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 is Coming Soon!

One of the major tournaments for fighting games I learned about last year, Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament (normally just more…

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Porn and Video Games = Comment War!

Here we go! I will start with blanket statements. Many gamers like porn. Many gamers have heard of Brazzers. Brazzers wants more…

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Video Game Day Brings Reach, BlOps and MvC3 To NYC in February

Are you and your friends competitive gamers living in the NYC area?  Do you want to give back to the community?  Well, more…